Mefro Wheels GmbH

Germany — Own production

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Mefro Wheels GmbH
Alfred Fischbacher An investor is powerless to accomplish anything if there is no professional team embodying our plans. I am proud to be doing business together with the residents of Zainsk.
Mefro Wheels Russia Zainsk Plant LLC — manufacturing of wheel disks for trucks
an agreement is signed to sell KamAZ PJSC's wheel manufacturing business to Mefro Wheels Russia LLC, a division of Mefro Wheels GmbH (Germany)
the technical re-equipment of the plant starts
finished product production starts
Mefro Wheels GmbH produces wheels for trucks and cars, and supplies wheels to the assembly lines of the largest automakers in Russia and the CIS.

Location: Zainsk
Capacity: 2.5 thousand disks per month
Employees: 1156
Mefro Wheels GmbH

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