LLC "Nanopharma development"

Russia - Switzerland — Pharmaceutical production

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LLC "Nanopharma development"
Thomas Christiaan Paul The Republic of Tatarstan and ITP "Idea" ensured the speedy implementation of the project and provided infrastructural support at the initial stages of the project.
A modern laboratory and industrial complex for the production of anticancer drugs, drugs for organ and tissue transplantation, antiretroviral drugs, developing innovative drugs, carrying out research activities.
The project of Nanopharma Development LLC was developed by Izvarino Pharma LLC with the participation of the Swiss company Ferring Pharmaceuticals.
Signing the agreement, obtaining resident status and laying the foundation stone
Start of production and grand opening
Location - Technopolis Khimgrad
Capacity - 5 million packs per year
Number of jobs - 78
LLC "Nanopharma development"

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