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Lindstrom is a Finnish company headquartered in Helsinki. It offers workwear and mats rent-and-maintenance services.
start of workwear rent service in Kazan, service center opening
start of vestibule mats rent service
relocation and increase in service center capacity
21 700 people, 9 regions in Volga region, 100 tons of processed textile are serviced monthly
Lindstrom is a Finnish company headquartered in Helsinki. It offers workwear and mats rent-and-maintenance services. Founded in 1848, the company initially operated as a textile dyeing house, but over time the range of its services got wider and a laundry providing a new service called dry cleaning was added.
In the 1930s, small-scale textile renting operations were launched. The company rented to its customers linen, sheets, table cloths, and napkins as well as doctor’s and barber’s coats. By 1939 the company laundered 2.4 million kilos of textiles and its number of employees had increased to 300. In 1971, the mat rental service was launched.  
The family-owned business with a history dating back more than 170 years has grown into a laundry and onwards to become a professional in textile renting. It offers its services in 24 countries and in 417 towns all over Russia with more than 117 thousand people wearing Lindstrom workwear.
Lindstrom’s operation is guided by the cyclic economy principles: each textile unit is properly maintained when needed and eco-friendly disposed of at the end of its service life. The company strives to implement state-of-the-art recycled materials usage methods and tests digital technology focused on making their personnel and customers’ lives easier.
Today there are 11 Lindstrom offices operating in Russia. In 2011, the office based in Kazan, Tatarstan was launched. Over its operation time, our on-growing sales number has proved that the region is highly prospective and interested in the service. The geographically convenient placement in the republic makes it possible to cover surrounding grounds and provide such cities as Samara, Tolyatti, Ufa, Saratov, Penza, Ulyanovsk, Cheboksary, Yoshkar-Ola, and Izhevsk with excellent service.
The total investment volume is around 100 mln rubles.
The number of jobs is over 60.

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