Apollo Co.

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Apollo Co.
T.G. Kwon "I know that together with our partners, who are also engaged in the automation of production and have their own infrastructure, our company and the city of Almetyevsk will always develop harmoniously".
Production of industrial isolating devices, actuators and various types of valves and equipment for oil refineries, petrochemical plants, power plants and other industries.
02 April 2016
The Head of the Tatarstan Investment Development Agency Taliya Minullina and the President of Apollo Co. Mr. T.G. Kwon sign an agreement on the construction of production facilities in Tatarstan
October 2016
Work begins on the establishment of a joint venture in the Tatneft-Aktiv Technopark with assistance from the Almetyevsk Municipal District of Tatarstan
20 December 2018
The first phase of the Apollo-T plant was commissioned in the Almetyevsk Municipal District of Tatarstan in the Tatneft-Aktiv Technopark.

Apollo Co., Ltd. is the largest manufacturer engaged in the production of a full range of valves and actuators for oil refineries, petrochemical plants, power plants and other industries. The company's products are shipped to North America, Western Europe and the Middle East. Apollo Co. cooperates with large enterprises around the world, and one of its main partners is Samsung.

  • Production facilities are located in Almetyevsk
  • Area: 2,200 square metres
  • Production capacity is 7,000 units per year, with a planned increase to 15,000 units per year by 2021
  • Investments: $50 million
  • 20 employees, with a planned increase to 100
Apollo Co.

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