What new has the Agency prepared in honor of the second anniversary of Reginveststandard?

What new has the Agency prepared in honor of the second anniversary of Reginveststandard?
We are celebrating 2 years since the “Regional Investment Standard” in Russia in its updated version was approved by Order of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation No. 591 of September 30, 2021!

In Tatarstan, almost all elements were introduced from the very beginning of the formation of a favorable investment climate in Russia in 2010: the Investment Development Agency and the Investment Map were created in 2011, the Investment Declaration and the Investment Council were formed in 2012.

Since 2018, the Investment Development Agency of the Republic of Tatarstan has been assessing the efforts of municipalities in creating an investment climate in the Republic of Tatarstan. The winners of the rating have an excellent opportunity to show themselves as the best territories for investors at a meeting of the Investors Club of the Republic of Tatarstan with the participation of the highest official of the region - Rais of the Republic of Tatarstan.

This year, new indicators have been added to 2 out of 4 sub-ratings.

In the sub-rating of the investment standard for the indicator of adding objects to the Investment Map of the Republic of Tatarstan, such a criterion as relevance is taken into account to fulfill the requirement of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development for quarterly updating of the data displayed on the Investment Map.

Another addition was the criterion for the presence of an “Investment Passport” section on the municipality’s website, including the following information:

1) position and full name of the investment commissioner;

2) the presence of a link to a chat with the investment commissioner to inform investors and employees about events carried out by the municipality;

3) a line of direct appeals and a channel for direct communication between investors and the head of the municipal administration;

4) availability of a presentation of investment potential;

5) availability of an investment passport;

6) availability of an investment declaration;

7) availability of project proposals for investors;

8) availability of abstracts of reports on investment activities in the municipality, including the results of participation in Russian and international exhibition events, forums, economic and investment business forums at the interregional and international level.

Also, when compiling a sub-rating for promoting investment attractiveness, among others, the topic of publications on Reginveststandard was added: promotion of the Regional Investment Standard with a presentation of best local practices for the purpose of its active use for the implementation of investment projects, seminars for employees.

“The rating of investment attractiveness of the Republic of Tatarstan is an excellent opportunity for municipalities to talk about their achievements, new and existing projects, and attract investors,” recalls Talia Minullina, Head of the Agency.

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