The Agency accompanied two more new residents of TOSER "Chistopol" for 2022

The Agency accompanied two more new residents of TOSER "Chistopol" for 2022
Chistopolsky district received the status of TOSER in 2018. During this time, 25 residents have started operating in the territory. 1,313 jobs have been created. The volume of shipped products for 2022 amounted to 7944.95 million rubles. The occupancy rate of the Industrial Park "Chistopol" is 99% of the total area of the first construction phase of the park, the occupancy rate of the industrial park of IP Stakheeva Yu.M. is 65% of the total area. Work is underway to further develop industrial sites and attract new residents. For the full four years, about 800 million rubles have been invested in TOSER.

The Agency's work on applications for land plots to be leased without bidding is an important part of the implementation of investment projects in the Republic of Tatarstan and directly at the TOCER "Chistopol". Already now you can see the available areas on our Investment Map.

The Agency is also a member of the interdepartmental group for the consideration of investment projects applying for the status of a resident of TOSER. Investors can contact the Agency to support the project on the principle of one window.

LLC "Kamsky confectioner" (confectionery production) held a defense at the Commission for the consideration of applications for the conclusion of agreements on the implementation of activities at TOSER "Chistopol". At the TOSER in Chistopol, the Kamsky Confectioner company will establish the production of flour confectionery products for 3.5 million rubles. It is planned to create 11 new jobs.

OK Bars LLC became a resident of TOSER at the end of 2018. It produces several types of safety shoes and clothing. The products are supplied both to the regions of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Representatives of the shoe company announced an increase in investments in the project for the production of special shoes made of leather and PVC. As a result, the number of jobs created will double — up to 180 units. The total investment in the project is 110.3 million rubles.

LLC "CHZP" is a manufacturer and supplier of equipment, inventory, materials for the organization of safe disposal of medical waste. The company works with public and private medical institutions in all regions of the Russian Federation and the CIS. Over the entire period, 66.7 million rubles were invested in the project.

Mettem AK LLC is engaged in the production of components of digital systems and intelligent telematics solutions for vehicle management, is preparing an application for a change in the expansion of the project. To date, 11 jobs have been created here, the amount of funds invested by the company is 55.9 million rubles.

The Tatarstan company "Kamlit", which received the status of a resident in 2020, has expanded production again. This year, she began to master a new method for casting components for oil production plants for the company, "Now we are mastering a new technology of casting by melting models. This method allows you to most accurately melt the necessary part," said the director of the enterprise.

Construction of a plant for the production of components for submersible ESPS at TOSER "Chistopol". Since obtaining the resident status, 300.6 million rubles have been invested.

LLC "Technology of Success" commissioned the first stage of the greenhouse farm in 2019, which amounted to 1000 m2 of useful technological area for growing green crops. The total cost of the project is 50.6 million rubles.

LLC "Colosseum" has been engaged in the production of hyper-pressed bricks, tiles and other construction products made of baked clay since 2020. The volume of investments in the project amounted to 30.5 million rubles.

LLC "Mechanic" has also established the production of components of assemblies for the oil and gas industry since 2020. 24.8 million rubles have been invested in the project.

Active work is also underway to attract new residents:

— project for the production of small architectural forms (10 people, 15 million rubles)

— transformer production project (10 people, 12 million rubles)

— pasta production project (11 people, 9 million rubles)

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