Tatarstan develops partnership with the OIC countries

Tatarstan develops partnership with the OIC countries

The Head of the Tatarstan Investment Development Agency Taliya Minullina spoke at the Conference for the public and private investments of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Istanbul (Turkey). The event is held for the purpose of assessing the investment potential of the member countries of the OIC and for the expansion of the cooperation opportunities.

The conference was attended by heads of the state, ministers of investments, industry, small and medium entrepreneurship, representatives of chambers of commerce, economic communities, heads of the largest international companies.

Domestic and international investments remain an important condition for the welfare of countries and regions: they facilitate the development of industries of the economy, infrastructure, creation of new jobs, and, as a result – an improvement of the living standards. The conference has become the platform for establishing sustainable partnership relations both in the public and in the private sector.

“I thank the OIC for the many years of cooperation! We have actively worked with our partners from the OIC countries. In June 2020, we will hold the international economic summit “Russia – Islamic World: KazanSummit” in Kazan for the 12th time in a row. Last year, it was attended by 5,000 people from 72 countries of the world, from 38 regions of Russia, 42 cooperation agreements were entered into in the margins of the summit. The investment session that I held along with government members of the OIC countries facilitated the arrangement of the open dialogue and the transition of experience,” noted Taluya Minullina in her speech. 

The President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan highlighted that Muslim countries possess a significant potential regarding the natural and human resources, they are also located on global trade routes, and he especially stressed that an efficient cooperation mechanism is necessary.

“I am greatly honored to speak at this conference. My special thanks go to the Turkish Government. Turkey is our strategic partner, a leading investor. Such companies as Kastamonu Entegre, Hayat Kimya, Şişecam, Coşkunoz, Koluman have successfully implemented their projects in Tatarstan, they reinvest, which is the best appraisal of the investment conditions and opportunities of our region.

For the fifth year in a row, Tatarstan has been in the top-3 leaders of the National Rating of the investment environment conditions in the Russian regions. We have the largest number of territories with federal tax preferences in the country: two special economic zones and five priority social and economic development areas. Another special economic zone – AlmA – is planned to create in Almetyevsky, Leninogorsky, and Nizhnekamsky districts of Tatarstan, and to bring the number of industrial parks to 100 next year,” shared Taliya Minullina.

On the margins of the conference, the head of the Tatarstan Investment Development Agency negotiated on the cooperation with top managers in various fields, as well as with the Deputy General Director, the Chairperson of the Committee of new investments and business development of Askon Entrepreneur Association of Anatolian Lions Mustafa Mertcan; with the Chairman of the Board of Pagev Association Yavuz Eroğlu. Pagev Association unites 1,750 companies that account for more than 88% of manufacture of plastics in Turkey. Agreements have been achieved to arrange business missions for the members of such associations.

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