Tatarstan bets on cinema to attract investment and tourists

Tatarstan bets on cinema to attract investment and tourists

Throughout a week, teams from China, France, Germany, Greece, Switzerland, Iran, Mongolia and 3 teams from Russia (Cherkessk, St. Petersburg and Moscow) explored Tatarstan’s rich history, culture and the opportunities which open in the territory of the Republic, embodied their vision in short films and presented them to the world community. Thus, the results of the "Cinema in 7 Days" project, which was held as part of the XI International Youth Film Festival, were summed up in the Republic’s capital. The result will be a portmanteau film, which will be shown in the participating countries.

Filming took place in Kazan, on the island-town of Sviyazhsk included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and in Laishevsky District of Tatarstan.

As the jury decided, the 1st prize was awarded to the film of Georgiy Danielyants (Russia). 2nd place was given to the team of Yoav Parish (Switzerland). The third place was won by the film from the Iranian team led by Haside Golmakani. A special prize from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan was taken by the project «Syuyumbike» directed by Artur (Magomet-Ali) Naimanov from the Karachay-Cherkess Republic. The People’s Choice Award from the Tatarstan Investment Development Agency was awarded to the team from Mongolia and presented by Taliya Minullina, the Head of the Agency.

“I am not an expert in the sphere of cinema, but I am confident that a person who does not know their roots, does not have a future. Therefore, I would like to present our People’s Choice Award to the team from Mongolia,” commented the Head of the Agency.

Presentation of Tatarstan through the prism of cinema and simultaneous development of the film industry were founded on the sidelines of the XI International Economic Summit "Russia — Islamic World: KAZANSUMMIT" in April this year within the framework of the International Muslim Film Festival. The organizers hope that the project will give impetus to the development of cinema tourism and will allow to develop routes and conduct excursions to the locations of filming.

“"Cinema in 7 Days" is a platform for intercultural dialogue, formation of new cinema realities and unfolding comprehensive potential of Tatarstan and the project participants. It promotes us as a platform for running business, attracting investments, and as a tourist location,” noted Taliya Minullina.

During their stay, in order to get acquainted with the Republic’s economic peculiarities, project participants visited the investment cradle of Tatarstan. In the Unified Presentation Center of the Republic, situated at the Investment Development Agency, guests were shown a colorful presentation and presented the Region’s export products manufactured under the brand "Made in Tatarstan", while the Republic’s charm and identity were revealed in a real peasant’s log hut where the guests were dressed in Tatar national outfits.

“I really liked everything in Tatarstan, especially people: they are very friendly and hospitable. They respect traditions in the same way as they look into the future,” shared a participant from Mongolia.

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