Taliya Minullina and Masoumeh Agapur on the development of partnership relations between Tatarstan and Iran

Taliya Minullina and Masoumeh Agapur on the development of partnership relations between Tatarstan and Iran

A delegation of the Iranian Parliament from the East Azerbaijan Province headed by Mrs. Masoumeh Agapur and entrepreneurs of a friendly Islamic republic are on an official visit to the Republic of Tatarstan.

In the Unified Presentation Center of Tatarstan, the guests were offered insights into the economic potential of the region, investment advantages for foreign companies and partners.

“I am very happy to welcome you in the Republic of Tatarstan. Tatarstan has long developed strategic partnership relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran. For many years, the Consulate General of Iran has been successfully working in our republic. We endeavor to develop relations with the regions. A private company performs direct flights from Kazan to Tehran. Moreover, Kazan and Tabriz [ed.: East Azerbaijan Province] are sister cities. All this has a beneficial effect on strengthening our tourist, cultural and business ties. We hope that in the future it will have an impact on transportation of goods: it will increase the turnover of countries and regions,” said Taliya Minullina, the Head of the Tatarstan Investment Development Agency.

The joint projects have been implemented over the decades both in Tatarstan and in Iran. In 2007, the KAMAZ automobile assembly plant was built in Tabriz. In Tatarstan, currently the farm projects are implemented: in Mamadyshsky District, the land lots have been identified to establish a Wholesale and Distribution Center for food, vegetables and fruits together with the largest Iranian holding company.

According to both sides, the effective cooperation is built on similar aspects of culture and religion of the regions. Taliya Minullina recalled that the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov heads the Russia – Islamic World Strategic Vision Group. Every year in the capital of Tatarstan, the Russia – Islamic World International Economic Summit is held. Last year, 5 thousand people from 72 countries, 38 regions of Russia took part in it. Taliya Minullina said that in 2020 the summit is to be held after Ramadan in June and invited representatives of the government and business circles of Iran to participate.

“The summit shows us growth areas, and Iran is a confirmation of this. So, last year, common ground in the banking sector was found. It is very important for us to work with Iranian businessmen, as we would like a wide range of your entrepreneurs to be represented at the summit. The Russia Halal Expo exhibition, traditionally held as part of the summit, is a great opportunity to show products and services to the world at one venue. Last year, the exhibition area covered 5 thousand square meters, and next year, on behalf of Rustam Minnikhanov, we will make it 2 times larger,” she shared.

According to the Head of TIDA, the region is very friendly, it regards the universally imposed sanctions with favor that any political restrictions are not beneficial for entrepreneurs. “We are doing our job; above all, we focus on making environment comfortable for businessmen,” emphasized Taliya Minullina.

“In the name of God, first of all I would like to thank you for inviting me to the Investment Development Agency. I am a member of the Iranian Parliament Committee on Economic and the Women's Committee. I invite you to visit the Iranian Parliament to meet with women deputies. Our regions have great potential for cooperation, especially in industry, and in particular in food and textile industry,” said Mrs. Masoumeh Agapur.

The guest is an example of the female leadership development in the Islamic Republic: for the first time in 40 years, a woman, in her person, took the post in the lower house of Parliament. Currently, there is a plan according to which, at least 30 percent of the Parliament should be the female representatives.

The representatives of the Iranian business community also took part in a building of business inter-regional dialogue, in particular, they came up with a proposal to breed trout in Tatarstan. The further joint study of the project implementation prospects will be undertaken by the Deputy Head of the Investment Development Agency who was introduced here to the guests.

“I would like to thank the leadership of Tatarstan in your person. Ecologically, it is very comfortable and clean hear, I was pleased to visit your republic. You are great fine fellows. It’s pleasant to do business with you on your territory,” thanked Mr. Hamid Ghasemi, the Head of the East Azerbaijan Province’s Department of Environment.

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