Rustam Minnikhanov: “If there is moderation and stability, business will develop!”

Rustam Minnikhanov: “If there is moderation and stability, business will develop!”

Tatarstan is for smart investors! Representatives of the authorities and business gathered in Kazan, on the same grounds, to finalize the year, to discuss pressing issues in an informal manner, to expand and to improve business ties, to set goals and to distribute tasks to scale the business and to successfully implement joint projects during the new year.

The fourth meeting of the Tatarstan Investors’ Club in 2019 was traditionally for Kazan held by the Tatarstan Investment Development Agency in a five-star Kazan Palace Hotel by Tasigo that became the reconstruction site of the Shamov’s Hospital, a building of a cultural heritage site, by Turkish investors.

“During the last 15 years, 79 countries invested in Tatarstan, and we attempt to further develop such relations. Dear investors! We love you, we value and cherish you very much. Thousands of meetings take place in Tatarstan and beyond in order to achieve a result, and we have good results now. We notice an increase of foreign investments. This year, 85 companies involving foreign capital were registered here, same as 39 new residents of priority social and economic development area, 5 new residents in Alabuga Special Economic Zone, 15 residents of Innopolis Special Economic Zone. Please remember that your comfort is our priority, and the Tatarstan Investment Development Agency is always an open house for you,” Taliya Minullina, the Head of the Tatarstan Investment Development Agency, pointed in her speech.

The event gathered approximately 100 investors, managers of ministers, agencies, infrastructure facilities.

“Such contact of the investors and authorities is very important for us. Taliya is doing fine by inventing some new things every year, which is truly very useful. In general, Tatarstan should be attractive about everything: there should be good infrastructure, good taxation, professional personnel, and good spirits. Nowadays, we have priority development areas, business-parks, technoparks, 98 of them in total now. And of course, our capital, Kazan, features everything necessary for the business. It is a good opportunity for investors to come here and not to experience any difficulties for families, for their children, and our common objective with the Investment Development Agency is to create such conditions. Taliya travels a lot and does much. Obviously, working with investors is very complex. Still we will manage!” Rustam Minnikhanov, the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, stressed in his speech.

As a part of the meeting, an acquaintance with a new resident of Innopolis Special Economic Zone, NNG company, took place, which develops software for the automobile, corporate, wireless and personal navigation.

“I want to thank all our investors that represent both foreign countries, regions of our country, and Tatarstan. It does not matter. Wherever they come from, we must create outstanding conditions for them. I want to greet you on the upcoming New Year and wish that the next year should be as successful. I wish all of us success, health, and good business. Many things in business depend on the market situation, on the political situation. If there is moderation and stability, business will develop. Festive greetings!” Rustam Minnikhanov congratulated.

This year, the format of meetings of the Investors’ Club was transformed into an intellectual tournament. Intermediary games took place in the Kazan, Kama, and Almetyevsk neighborhoods. Same as before, everybody invested their time and knowledge into “currency strengthening”. Thus, the tournament involved 10 teams: “Indian Rupee”, “Russian Ruble”, “Euro”, “Sterling Pound”, “Swiss Franc”, “US Dollar”, “Chinese Yuan”, “Korean Won”, “Ukrainian Hryvnia”, “Japanese Yen”.

A Magister of the intellectual show “What? Where? When?”, two-time “Chrystal Owl” prize winner, Elizaveta Ovdeyenko asked difficult questions from a variety of fields. Nevertheless, the participants were unanimously very excited.

“It was a truly fantastic day! It is a real honor to have a good time with top managers of the Republic of Tatarstan. We enjoyed the intellectual game. It was especially thoroughly elaborated for the Japanese. I often feel that just like the Pacific Ocean is the “sea” for the Japanese, Volga River is the “sea” for the Russian people in Tatarstan, the sea that is beneficial for the people.

This is my fourth winter season here, and I admit that three years ago we could not find our path to the future. However, now I am certain of the future of Tatarstan as a center of trade and investments.

Most of my old friends from Japan are jealous and envious of me being in Kazan. Many Japanese recognized Tatarstan as area No.1 for investments after the Word Cup 2018, when Princess Hisako Takamado visited Kazan, which was the first visit by a member of the Japanese Imperial family for the last 126 years. I know there are many possible Japanese projects for investments in this region. We hope that even more of our investors will come here in 2020,” Osio Hirofumi, the General Manager of Ida Sange Rus, shared.

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