Online conference with NC "Kazakh Invest"

Online conference with NC "Kazakh Invest"
On June 28, a regular meeting was held at the NAAIR.Global site dedicated to interaction with Kazakh Invest - National Company KAZAKH INVEST JSC.

From the Russian side, the meeting was attended by the Executive Director of NAAIR Rafael Khusyainshin and the Director for International Development of NAAIR Ivan Avrakh, from the Investment Development Agency of the Republic of Tatarstan, Deputy Heads Marina Epifantseva and Igor Sapunov, as well as the Head of the Investment Projects Expertise Department Dmitry Alekseev, as well as a large number of representatives agencies and corporations of investment and development of the regions of the country.

NC "Kazakh Invest" was established to promote sustainable socio-economic development of the Republic of Kazakhstan by attracting foreign investment in priority sectors of the economy and comprehensive support of investment projects.

Zhandos Temirgali, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Kazakh Invest National Company, addressed the conference participants with an opening speech. He noted that the exchange of experience with one of the successful regions of the Russian Federation would improve the work of the regions and synchronize it on a single platform for bilateral cooperation.

Mr. Timergali introduced the participants of the meeting to the representatives of the Kazakh company. D. Orazymbetova, Director of the Strategy and Digital Development Department, spoke about the company's activities, global investment trends and how the Kazakh investment agency works with them.

Altynai Mukanova, project manager for European countries (Netherlands, Russia, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, Moldova), made a presentation on attracting foreign investment to the Republic of Kazakhstan, how the team works and What are the stages of attracting potential investors.

Measures of state support for investment activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan and support for investors on a one-stop basis are one of the key points in the work of the Kazakhstani Tax Code. Aigerim Koilakova, head of the One Stop Shop Group, spoke about the useful practices of this system for the regions of Russia.

The investment ombudsman is one of the mechanisms for protecting the rights of investors. Irina Ferafonova, a representative of the Kazakh side, the head of the Investment Ombudsman's group, built her speech with this thesis.

The Investment Development Agency of the Republic of Tatarstan also shared its practices in working with investors, how exactly the one-stop shop principle works in the region, the implementation of the regional investment standard in Russia, as well as the specific activities of the Agency for holding Investment Councils under the President of the Republic of Tatarstan and further providing land plots for the implementation of projects.

In conclusion, the parties agreed to hold face-to-face meetings and organize bilateral visits for a deeper acquaintance with the progress of work with investors.

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