Investment digest of the Republic of Tatarstan: “investment hour” with the Alkeevsky municipal district

Investment digest of the Republic of Tatarstan: “investment hour” with the Alkeevsky municipal district
Alkeevsky municipal district of the Republic of Tatarstan reported on the implementation of measures to ensure sustainable socio-economic development within the framework of the republican meeting chaired by the Rais of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov.

Such meetings are held on a weekly basis in the Government House of the Republic. The report of the city mayor examines the main indicators of the district's activity, the development of industries, the state of entrepreneurship, the level of wages and unemployment, the pace of construction of social infrastructure and housing, education, and achievements in a variety of areas.

The head of the Alkeevsky municipal district, Alexander Nikoshin, said that the volume of investments, according to estimates for 2023, amounted to 1.3 billion rubles. Agriculture plays an important role in the structure of investment. The investment plan for fixed capital for the current year is at least 2.2 billion rubles.

- agriculture - 73.6%;

-trade - 0.3%

-industry - 0.6%;

-construction - 25%;

-others - 0.5%.

The largest contribution to the volume of investments in 2023 was made by Khuzangaevskoye LLC. This year the company will continue the construction of a tourist complex. The total investment amount will be 2 billion rubles, and a total of 27 jobs will be created. Currently there are 18 people working.
The Golden Valley municipal industrial park also began operating in the area. The Management Company (MC LLC) “New View” has been identified and has been accredited. Agreements have been concluded with 2 residents.

Park resident Bils LLC (Ilfat Burganov) provides car repair services. In 2023, services were provided for 16.1 million rubles, taxes were paid for 2.3 million rubles. There are 15 employees whose salary is 47 thousand rubles.

The second resident, individual entrepreneur Marcel Farakshin, begins construction of premises for the production of tin products.

“We understand that we are not yet finalizing the Golden Valley; the park’s occupancy is only 23.2%. The priority task for 2024 is to attract new residents from among our fellow countrymen” - Alexander Nikoshin.

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