Infrastructure development and support of Tatarstan entrepreneurs

Infrastructure development and support of Tatarstan entrepreneurs

The Government pays great attention to the development of business environment in Russia and in Tatarstan, in particular. In order to implement the national project “Small and Medium Enterprises and Support of Individual Entrepreneurial Initiative” 279.68 million rubles have been additionally allocated to the region, of which 250 million rubles are aimed for the construction of an industrial park on the area of Khimgrad Technopolis. So, in 2019, Tatarstan received 30 times more funds for the development of SMEs than in the last one – almost 2 billion rubles. According to this value, the republic is a leader among the Russian regions. So, there will be the financial, infrastructure, consulting, information and educational support for entrepreneurs. For example, the preferential leasing mechanism will act as a financial support. Funds are allocated to support export-oriented entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs developing business in a single-industry cities and towns, and to those implementing farm projects.

“Support for small and medium enterprises, infrastructure development, which also helps to attract investment is the right way to strengthen the economy of the republic. Tatarstan is the leading region of Russia with the best conditions for doing business. The republic is rich in resources, we have 85 industrial parks and 7 areas with federal tax benefits; the public-private partnership mechanisms are in place, and the Tatarstan Digital Transformation Strategy is being developed. All of this allows us maintaining a leading position, developing markets and business community, increasing export supplies, strengthening partnership relations and enticing investors,” said Taliya Minullina, the Head of the Tatarstan Investment Development Agency.

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