AIR RT through Kazanforum paves the way for companies to enter the foreign market

AIR RT through Kazanforum paves the way for companies to enter the foreign market
The day before, the head of the Investment Development Agency of the Republic of Tatarstan, Talia Minullina, met with representatives of the ABUKO association, who decided to participate in the forum for the second time.

Mazitov Vasil Maratovich, representative of the Softplaza company:
“Until the end of 2022, we worked on the Russian market and did not set ourselves the goal of entering the international level, but last year we decided to try our hand and show our developments to our foreign colleagues. Due to the fact that the Russia-Islamic World Forum: Kazanforum is held annually in Tatarstan, we decided to take an active part in it.

Our goal was to meet and communicate with relevant public and private organizations in the field of cadastre, spatial data and digitalization.
At the forum we were able to meet with relevant government organizations from 4 countries, as well as business representatives from 8 countries.
We also managed to present our developments and realize that our proposals arouse sincere interest in other countries.

As a result of the meetings, a protocol of intent and an agreement were signed with representatives of the two countries.
Developing the agreements and contacts received, we made a return visit to seven countries for high-level meetings and continued the exchange of experience.

Most of all there were trips to the Republic of Kyrgyzstan. There we managed to implement a project - cadastral (mass) valuation of real estate in the city of Bishkek. The results of the project were highly appreciated by the public and the government of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan.

At the moment, we see the promise of international activities, and we plan to continue to participate even more actively in the work of Kazanforum.”

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