Did you know? 10 interesting facts about Tatarstan.

Did you know?

10 interesting facts about Tatarstan.

1. The Republic of Tatarstan is a driver of the national Russian economy with a high-tech and high-level manufacturing industry, a powerful agricultural sector and digitalization in the most important areas of public life. The basis for dynamic development and the guarantee of economic and legal security, including that of investment projects, is the systematic succession of power and consistent governance in the region. The current President of Tatarstan, Rustam Minnikhanov, has served in senior leadership positions in the region for almost 20 years.

2. Tatarstan is a multinational and multi-confessional republic. People of over 173 nationalities live in the region. Tatarstan has extensive experience and positive history of creating a comfortable and stable multicultural environment. Hundreds of families from other countries live and raise their children here, and thousands of students from abroad come to study in the universities of Tatarstan. Kazan, the republic's capital, has two international schools and participates in several student exchange programs with universities of Europe and Asia.

3. On the international level, the republic is known as a reliable business partner. It has attracted foreign investments from over 36 companies worldwide. Many of them are currently re-investing in active projects in Tatarstan. One of the pillars of the republic's competitive advantage is the unparalleled levels of the development of investment infrastructure for Russia, which includes lucrative terms for business and reduced taxes. Tatarstan has two special economic zones of international level, five advanced development territories, 85 industrial sites, business incubators, science parks with adequate infrastructure and wide opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation.

4. The republic has vast experience in the organization of high-tech production. Tatarstan is home to a number of flagship projects such as "Tatneft" (listed in the Top 5 of Russian oil companies), chemical and petrochemical holding "TAIF," oil refinery "TANECO," one of the largest petrochemical companies in Europe "Nizhnekamskneftekhim," Russia's largest trucks manufacturer "KAMAZ," "Kazan Helicopters," Zelenodolsk Shipbuilding Plant named after A. M. Gorky, and many others. A lot of things that make Russia modern and competitive are made in Tatarstan.

5. Russia's best investment climate can certainly be found in Tatarstan. The republic boasts a well developed manufacturing industry and views competition as a stimulus for growth, supporting Wienerberger brick plant (Austria), Haier consumer electronics plants (China), production of valves for the petrochemical industry by Apollo (South Korea), production of MDF panels by Kastamonu (Turkey), car seats manufacturing by Magna (Canada), casting mould plant by Schülken Form (Germany), commercial energy solutions by Schneider Electric (France), personal care products by Drylock (Belgium), construction of ready- built houses by Iida Sangyo (Japan) and housing construction for personal and commercial use by YIT (Finland). That's how we achieve a synergy effect. The republic's authorities are involved in working with investors, which plays a big role in the development of new projects. Any partnership matters are resolved in a hands-on manner and in a timely manner. This is achieved through the transition of cooperation between governmental institutions and business to online services and the widespread use of single-window systems.

6. Agriculture is one of the pillars of the republic's economy. Tatarstan is one of the Top 3 Russian regions by the volume of agricultural production. 70% of the republic's territory is allocated to agricultural fields covering a total of 7.86 million ha. The region focuses on creating agro-industrial parks and processing facilities for agricultural products. This industry is at the heart of a large part of investment offers from municipal corporations.

7. Tatarstan has everything necessary for maintaining the growth trend. The republic has enough primary and production resources, as well as a large workforce capacity. There are 46 institutions of higher education, 91 colleges, 31 resource centers and Russia's only IT university. Blue-collar roles are considered very prestigious here. Kazan was chosen to host the 2019 WorldSkills Competition, a world championship of skills which attracted 100 thousand participants and fans from 76 countries worldwide.

8. Kazan has an official status of Russia's sports capital. The city has almost all the required infrastructure for hosting large-scale events like summer Olympics. Kazan has hosted multiple international sports competitions like the Universiade, the World Aquatics Championship, the FIFA Confederations Cup and the FIFA World Cup. Several races of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship have been held in the area of Kazanka River. Tatarstan is becoming more and more developed in terms of sports infrastructure after every event. Since the republic's residents enjoy doing sports, the authorities are implementing a large-scale construction program for building sports grounds, swimming pools and sports complexes in every city.

9. Another advantage is Tatarstan's favorable geographic location. The republic is located almost in the center of Russia. Direct flights connect it with Europe, Asia, and the east of the country. Part of the railway connecting Moscow and the Russian Far East goes through Tatarstan, as well as the largest federal highway M7 and the New Silk Road. The republic has two large logistics centers of international level. The Volga River enables passenger and profitable cargo traffic between Kazan and the Sea of Azov, the Black Sea, and the Caspian Sea.

10. It is said that business is the art of predicting the future and obtaining benefit from it. Tatarstan is the leading Russian region when it comes to innovation. It is home to Russia's first-ever IT town — Innopolis. A university, science park, special economic zone, modern medical facilities, and a large residential area — this cutting-edge infrastructure and the picturesque shores of the Volga River attract new residents, students, and professionals every year. At Innopolis, you can attend lectures of leading IT scientists, talk to a human-like android, and go for a ride on a self-driving taxi — the very first one in Russia. You'll love it there!

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