3.8 mln people reside in the Republic of Tatarstan. 50% of the Russian population lives within 1,000 km of the region.

The main core of Strategy-2030 is a man, human capital.
A man is of top priority; our Republic is fertile in genius.

The majority of the population are ethnic Tatars and Russians. Tatar and Russian languages are official languages of the region.

  • 3.8 mln people
  • 115 ethnicities
  • 2.4 mln economically active population
  • 76 % urban dwellers
  • 30 thousand rubles average monthly salary

More than one thousand religious groups have been registered in the Republic of Tatarstan. The most widespread religions are Islam and Orthodox Christianity. Judaism, Buddhism and Krishnaism are also practised.

High Living Standard

The Republic of Tatarstan is the leading Russian region in life quality rating*. Tatarstan steadily shows high results in the most important 10 indicators:

  • income level,
  • housing conditions,
  • availability of social infrastructure,
  • ecology and climate,
  • residential safety,
  • demographic situation,
  • population health and level of education,
  • land and transport development,
  • economic growth,
  • small business development.

*RIA rating analysis according to 2014

Education and Development
of Competencies

Pre-school and secondary school education

  • 3 international schools,
  • 1,427 schools accommodating 378,800 students,
  • 2,012 pre-school educational establishments.
  • Alabuga International School
    Alabuga International School
  • International School of Kazan
    International School of Kazan

Vocational and Higher Education

  • Kazan Volga Region Federal University (named as one of the 50 best higher educational institutions in Russia)
  • 63 higher education bodies accommodating 180,000 students
  • Innopolis Innovation University of Information Technologies accommodating 500 students
  • 102 secondary specialised educational institutions accommodating 67,500 students

5 resource centres for investors are designed for personnel training in priority fields of Tatarstan’s industries. The staff and apprenticeship training is based on the interests of the employers and is spread across the areas of the region.

  • City of Naberezhnye Chelny: motor vehicle industry (KAMAZ).
  • City of Kazan: military-industrial complex for aircraft and mechanical engineering, aviation-technical college for Gorbunov Kazan Aircraft Production Association and Kazan Helicopter Plant.
  • City of Nizhnekamsk: petroleum chemistry, technical school of petrochemistry and petroleum processing.
  • City of Elabuga: multi-discipline training centre, Elabuga SEZ.
  • Sarmanovo settlement: agriculture.

WorldSkills World Professional Skills Competition

WorldSkills 2019, the World’s 45th Professional Skills Competition, will take place in Kazan. In the race for the honour to host this event the capital of Tatarstan took over Paris, France, and Charleroi, Belgium.

WorldSkills championship is held every two years in different countries, and is considered to be the most important event in the field of professional skills development. All industries are represented in the competition. In 2014 and 2015 Kazan hosted the 2nd and the 3rd Russian national WorldSkills championships.

Innovative Education

Innopolis IT-University is situated in a newly built city with unique conditions for comfortable life and work. With high level of social services, high-income rates, beneficial ecosystem and well-developed infrastructure, Innopolis is the best opportunity for business and IT-specialists for working on creative innovative projects and ideas to ensure the foundation for Russia’s future development.

Innopolis IT-University consists of study and research complexes, as well as residential and recreational units, with estimated number of students at 5000, and the city population at 155 000.

Academy of Science of the Republic of Tatarstan

The Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan consists of 7 scientific research bodies: Ibragimov Institute of Language, Literature and Art; Institute of Tatar Encyclopedia; Sh. Marjani Institute of History; Institute of Archaeology; Institute of Applied Semiotics; Institute of Ecology and Subsoil Use; Institute of Computer Science; and two scientific centres: Centre of Family and Demography; Centre for Islamic Studies.


The wellbeing of the population of Tatarstan is at the heart of the region’s agenda. The following principles are considered in order to ensure the best medical care:

  • availability of medical services,
  • high medical technologies development,
  • preventive medicine and medical service quality improvement.

Life expectancy in Tatarstan comes up to 72 and exceeds the average life expectancy in Russia by 3 years.

Medical institutions of the Republic of Tatarstan provide medical and diagnostic services to maintain health of the population.

  • 19
    % birth increase in the last 5 years
  • 151 medical institutions
  • 75 hospitals
  • 42 polyclinics
  • 12 thousand doctors

In accordance with the Accessible Environment National Program, the Republic of Tatarstan was among the pilot regions selected to develop inclusive accessible environment. As of today Tatarstan has created a new social, transport and building infrastructure having adapted the priority locations to provide unhindered access for the disabled people and people with limited mobility.

14 medical institutions of Tatarstan deliver highly technological medical care in 27 profiles using specialised medical services and unique treatment modes. Children’s Republican Clinical Hospital is the winner of the European Quality Contest 2014 and the holder of Recognised for Excellence five-star European Quality Certificate.

Kazan educational centre of high medical technologies has been established by the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation and Johnson&Johnson company. The centre provides innovative professional training, re-training and development for medical personnel of the Russian national health system. The centre is located on the territory of the Republican Clinical Hospital, and is equipped with the up-to-date healthcare technologies.

First charity hotel in Russia, Ronald McDonald House, has been also opened in Kazan. It is designed for those parents whose children are undergoing long-term treatment in Children’s Republican Clinical Hospital. The charity hotel is located on the territory of the hospital and staying there is free.

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