Young diplomats of Tatarstan

Tatarstan Investment Development Agency pays special attention to talented and active youth, who will take charge of Tatarstan of the future and will become investors. The Agency regularly organizes programs providing creation of working and living environment in Tatarstan and human capital development in home region.

With the support of Investment Development Agency, for the first time the competition "Young diplomats" is being held from February 10 to May 27 this year in Tatarstan.

The competition aims at attraction of interest of youth to development of foreign economic and humanitarian activities of the Republic of Tatarstan, to promotion of tolerance, patriotism, intercultural dialog among young people, to stimulation of interest of youth in international practices with its potential use on the sites of the Republic of Tatarstan, as well as formation of a core group of young diplomats having the basic skills and competences, necessary when working with international projects.

The competition consists of 8 stages, each one providing participants with new knowledge in the sphere of diplomatic protocol, oratory, project management in the sphere of investment potential of the Republic of Tatarstan. Following the results of the contest, the team with the largest number of points will be entitled to internship and represent the Republic of Tatarstan on the international scene.

One of the stages was held in Tatarstan Investment Development Agency and was called "Invest in Tatarstan". The Head of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency gave the participants details of investment potential of the republic and the Agency's activities.

After that, each team gets one of the priority areas of the Republic of Tatarstan for investment: chemical and petrochemical industry, mechanical engineering, metalworking, information technology and telecommunications, agricultural sector, construction, medicine and pharmaceuticals, tourism, scientific research and education. 

The contestants are to examine the enterprises and the projects of the Republic of Tatarstan in proposed area, learn about already existing investors in the industry, which benefits the investor gets, what infrastructure is available, prepare the presentation of their industry and display it to "potential investors".

"Young foot is lightweight, young soul is daring!

We believe in you, you will succeed! It is you who are the future diplomats, the future investors of our republic. We look forward to seeing you again in the Agency on March 29 to study your presentations with interest," - Taliya Minullina summed up the meeting.

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