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Invest Tatarstan

Staying together

Your projects will be incorporated into the economics of the Republic of Tatarstan within an accommodating environment, and all business undertakings will be supported by the public authorities.

Rustam Minnikhanov,
The President of Tatarstan

Key Economic Indices

Gross Regional Product of the Republic of Tatarstan

2 440,3 bln a

Tatarstan attracts more than

$ 1,6 mln

FDI per day

50 %

population of Russia lives in radius of 1000 km

Trade and economics Partners of Tatarstan

155 countries

Investment Map

Nearly 50% of Russian population resides within a radius of 1000 km from Kazan

Chelny airport
Kazan airport
Naberezhnye Chelny river harbour
Chistopol river harbour
River harbour "Bolgar"
River harbour "Kazan"

Area — 1200 Ha

Directions of Development

  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Electronic Technologies
  • Nanotechnologies
  • Biotechnologies
  • Medical Technologies

Area — 1200 Ha

Directions of Development

  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Electronic Technologies
  • Nanotechnologies
Business incubator of the city of Chistopol
Business incubator of the city of Elabuga
Business incubator of the city of Naberezhnye Chelny
Industrial Site No.2 for polymers processing
Industrial Site "SHUGUROVO"
Industrial Site "URUSSU"
Industrial Site "STROYKOM"
Industrial Site "SMP-Agryz"
Industrial Site "SARMAN"
Industrial Site "Rozhdestveno"
Industrial Site "Osnova"
Industrial Site "Mamadysh Selkhoztechnika"
Industrial Site "Kamskoe Ustye"
Industrial Site "Garant"
Industrial Site "BASE-746"
Industrial Site "AZNAKAI"
Industrial Sites of Stolbische settlement
  • Industrial Site "Stolbische"
  • Industrial Site "Tulpar Aero Group"
Industrial Sites of Vysokaya Gora settlement
  • Industrial Site "Palandia"
  • Industrial Site "Vysokaya Gora"
Industrial Sites of the city of Naberezhnye Chelny
  • Industrial Site "Razvitie"
  • Industrial Site "Az"
  • Private Entrepreneur Farrakhov Ilshat Zufarovich
Industrial Sites of the city of Kazan
  • Industrial Site "Magnit"
  • Industrial Site "Prizma"
Industrial Sites of the city of Arsk
  • Private Entrepreneur Faskhiev Daniyal Shakirovich
  • Industrial Site "ArskPlast"
Industrial Sites of the CITY of ALMETYEVSK
  • Industrial Site "Neftemash"
  • Industrial Site "Tatneft-Aktiv"
Limited Liability Company "Regionstroy"
Private Entrepreneur Stakheev Yurii Mikhaylovich
Technology Parks of the city of Kazan
  • Innovation and Production Technopark Idea
  • Innovation and Technology Centre "KNIAT" OJSC
  • Scientific and Technology Park "Centre of Innovative Activity KSU"
  • Scientific and Technology Park of A.N.Tupolev Kazan State Technological University (KAI)
  • High Technologies Technopark "IT-Park"
  • Technopark "Ecotechnopark"
  • Technopolis "Khimgrad"
Scientific and production non-commercial partnership "Technopark "Prikamie"
Innovation and production technopark "Idea-South-East", city of Leninogorsk
Innovation and Production Technopark "Vostok"
Halal Industrial Park "Baltach"
Industrial Park "TYULYACHI"
Industrial Park "DROZHZHANOE"
Industrial Parks of the CITY of Naberezhnye Chelny
<ul class="list">
    <li>Kama Industrial Park "Master"</li>
<li>"Industrial Park Chelny" Limited Liability Company
Industrial Parks of the CITY of KAZAN
  • Agro-industrial Park "Kazan"
  • Industrial Park "Tasma"
  • Industrial Park "Columbia"
  • "Industrial Park M-7" Limited Liability Company
Industrial Park "SYNEGRIA"
Industrial Park "NIKOLSKOE"
Industrial Park "KAMSKIE POLYANY"
Advanced development territory Mendeleevsk
Advanced development territory Chistopol
Advanced development territory Nizhnekamsk
Advanced development territory Zelenodolsk
Advanced development territory Naberezhnye Chelny
  • Success stories

    Ford Sollers

    Investments amount — $800 mln

    Ford Sollers
    Ted Cannis, Director General of Ford Sollers

    The SEZ Alabuga has a world-class infrastructure and it's real

    Read more
  • Success stories


    Investments amount — $150 mln

    Eelco van Heel, President of Rockwool group of companies

    Rockwool has built the world’s biggest rock wool manufacture. “We admire the way the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan keeps its promises”.

    Read more
  • Success stories


    Investments amount — $600 mln

    Onur Gyuven, vice-president of KASTAMONU

    "We have a 5 year experience of implementation of investment projects in the Republic of Tatarstan. And we can state with certainty that this experience is a success".

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  • Success stories

    Belaya Dacha

    Belaya Dacha
    Viktor Semenov, the Head of Supervisory Board of Belaya Dacha group of companies

    I could not believe that such business conditions may exist in Russia. The main thing is that all promises have been kept

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  • Success stories


    Investments amount — $50 mln

    Johann Windisch

    It is a happy occasion for us (n.b. – the day of the plant opening)

    Read more
  • Project Strategy Development

    1. We will perform a research of the market for implementation of your business potential as investor.
    2. We will provide you with the following information:
      • infrastructure and resource potential of the Republic of Tatarstan, key industries;
      • government support for businesses;
      • tax structure.
    3. Assistance in selecting an optimal strategy for entering the market of the Republic of Tatarstan.
    4. Assistance in sourcing of raw industrial materials required for final product manufacturing.
    5. Selecting manufacturers and service providers required for implementation of the business project.
    6. Assistance in negotiation with government institutions and public authorities regarding the legal basis of the project.
  • Choosing the Investment Site

    1. We will offer an optimal business site based on the provided information and technical specifications of the project.
    2. We will organise site visits before you make a final decision.
  • Setting up a business entity

    1. Consultation on any matters arising in the process of the investment project implementation:
      • tax and statute legislation;
      • project financing;
      • forms of state support provision;
      • staff resourcing.
    2. Support at all important stages of the investment project implementation. The staff of the Agency will improve your time schedule; render support in negotiation with authorities.
    3. We will give information assistance in establishment of the form entity.
  • Investors Support

    1. An investor of implementable or implemented project is invited to become a member of the Investment Club of the Republic of Tatarstan.
    2. Free support by the Tatarstan Investment Development Agency.
    3. Informational support related to the continuous development in the region.
    4. Quarterly meetings of Investors Club with participation of the local Government, relevant ministries and departments for informal discussions and problem solving.
    5. Invitation to regional, national, federal and global business events of Tatarstan.

In Tatarstan has already been invested

16 582 108 455
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