The country's best investment climate is in action!

The country's best investment climate is in action!
Tatarstan is the region number one on investment attractiveness, the expansion of productions of existing investment projects is the best indicator of high level of established investment climate.

This was the slogan for today’s session of Supervisory council of SEZ «Alabuga» chaired by the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. The Head of Tatarstan Investment Agency Taliya Minullina also attended the meeting as its permanent member.

Four investment projects were presented for assessment.

The first issue was dedicated to the project «Alabuga-Volokno» on organization of modern production of PAN-precursor, initiated by the management company NPK Khimprominzhiniring, JSC (UMATEX Group) in the enterprise of «Alabuga-Volokno» LLC acting in SEZ «Alabuga. The company specializes in development of prospective chemical fibers and carbon composite materials.

This product is necessary for subsequent proceeding of carbon fiber and requires space with the total area of 5,76 hectares.

Investments in carbon fiber production plant is estimated in more than 3 000 million rubles, the total amount of investment in the PAN-precursor production project will be more than 4 000 million rubles. The production was launched on December 23, 2014. For the beginning of the third quarter of 2017, 116 jobs have already been created.
The second project presented at the meeting was the production of compound mineral fertilizers by «INKO-TEK Agro Alabuga» company.

The project was initiated by «Orgneftekhim Holding» group of companies ensuring the implementation of full-cycle projects in oil refining and petrochemistry, design, construction and facility commissioning. On results of the year, the revenue of «Orgneftekhim Holding» group of companies amounted to 2,7 billion rubles.
Planned production volume on the territory of SEZ «Alabuga» is 120,000 tonnes of products. The total amount of investments in the projects is over 700 million rubles. The project will employ 50 members of staff, the production is to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2018.

The investment project of the Danish company «ROCKWOOL International» includes the establishment of the first in Russia production of stone wool substrate for crop production on the basis of «ROCKWOOL-Volga» LLC incombustible thermal insulation producing plant operating on the territory of SEZ «Alabuga». It is an import substitution project, so far the products are delivered from Holland.
Rockwool group of companies is a leader in production of stone wool solutions. The sales in 2016 amounted to 2,2 billion Euro. In the framework of «Rockwool International» company’s operation, a substrate for crop production is handled by Grodan company (Netherlands), a subdivision of company since 1969.
To date, «ROCKWOOL-Volga» LLC invested more than 5 billion rubles, created 200 jobs, output volume amounted to about 7,5 billion dollars.
Estimated investment in creation of new production is about 500 million rubles. It is expected that the project will create additional 15 jobs (the total number of jobs will be 215).

The project of construction of the second line of tissue paper production plant (toilet paper, napkins, paper towels) «Hayat Kimya» LLC was the last one to be represented at the meeting.

«Hayat Kimya» LLC is a subsidiary of Turkish company «Hayat Kimya Sanayi», a subsidiary of HAYAT group of companies established in 1937. The total annual turnover of the HAYAT group is about 2,5 billion USD. The total number of staff in 2016 was over 14 000 people. «Hayat Kimya Sanayi» is specialized in production of washing and cleaning products, hygienic paper products, personal-care products and diapers. The turnover of «Hayat Kimya Sanayi» in 2016 amounted at 1,4 billion USD. The number of stuff all over the world is 8 000 people.
The project on the territory of SEZ «Alabuga» is planned to be implemented on the land plot of 39,6 hectares. The amount of investments in establishment of the second-line of the operating plant reaches 3,3 billion dollars (the total amount of investments in two lines of the project is estimated at more than 9 billion rubles). The total amount of jobs will reach 505. The expansion of production will increase the output from 65 to 140 thousand tonnes per year. The production is planned to be launched in the second quarter of 2019.

«The expansion of production and creation of new conditions for their business development emphasized that an investor trusts us and chooses Tatarstan», — Taliya Minullina summed up the meeting.
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