Tatarstan-Shandong: investment in sports and development of “peony culture”

Tatarstan-Shandong: investment in sports and development of “peony culture”

The interregional cooperation is the keynote idea of the Russian-Chinese relations for 2018- 2019. The government delegations and representatives of business circles regularly visit Tatarstan; exhibitions and negotiations on comprehensive improvement of interaction are held. Today, the delegation of Heze City, Shandong Province, headed by the Deputy Mayor Mr. Gao Rongguo, familiarized with the economy of Tatarstan and investment opportunities.

“We are working with the People’s Republic of China very fruitfully both nationwide and at the interregional level. The trade relations keep developing: the trade turnover between the countries has grown by 26%, and between Tatarstan and China – by 11%. Of course, we intend our trade relations evolve into the investment projects,” said Taliya Minullina, the Head of the Agency.

Heze City is in the center of China, in the south-west of Shandong Province. The regions have similar promising areas, including industry and agriculture. To expand the areas of cooperation, the Chinese delegation is represented by experts in various fields. In particular, the great interest was expressed in the creation of joint sports projects.

“In Tatarstan, there are more than 10,000 sports facilities: stadiums, football fields, ice rinks and many others. The infrastructure we have created allows us hosting more and more international sporting events. So, Kazan won the right to host the World Aquatics Championship once again. It will take place in 2025. Such events attract tourists, increase awareness of the area and business interest in the region. We have private investors who invest in the establishment of sports facilities, and this is great, because sport is health, and the health of population is paramount,” said Taliya Minullina.

“Chinese Wushu is a wonderful sport that provides health and protection. We really want our experts to come to you with a specialized exhibition. Of course, we would like to open Wushu branches in Kazan,” said Mr. Gao Rongguo.

Also, the Chinese delegation is ready to invest in the infrastructure of Tatarstan. Moreover, since Heze is hailed as “China’s capital of peony”, the guests expressed their wish to share the “peony culture” through the joint floristic business and educational projects (for example, drawing courses), as well as the sales of aromatic tea.

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