Taliya Minullina: “The world understands the value of Muslim tourists for economy”

What is Halal-tourism? How much is this service, still exotic for Russia, in demand and will it strike roots in Kazan, for example?

This theme will be among many topics discussed at international conference «Investment and innovative opportunities of Halal industry: Russian and world experience». Discussion will be held in the framework of the VIII economic forum «Russia-Islamic world: KazanSummit 2016», which will take place in Kazan from 19 to 21 of May.

In 2016 Russia was ranked 49th, surpassing China and Ireland, as the most attractive and convenient for Muslim travellers countries` ranking. Malaysia maintained its leading position and UAE rose to the second place this year. 130 countries were included into the ranking. Main Muslim destinations were evaluated by security, Halal-cuisine, accommodation, airport service, conditions for namaz, communication and offers for a family.

«The world understands the value of Muslim tourists for economy. Bearing in mind that, Muslim population of planet will be 2,2 bln. people to 2030, perspectives of Halal-tourism are very encouraging. According to Global Muslim Tourism Index, developed by Master Card and CrescentRating, this field will rise to $200 bln, last year turnover was $145 bln.» — said Taliya Minullina, head of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency.

Halal-tourism means service including Muslim traveller`s needs, such as Halal nutrition, rooms for namaz, separate zones for men and women. In a sense it is a heroic act for family tourism and rest, which considers postulates of Islam. It is not the first time, when Kazan hosts high guests, local hoteliers already have experience in Halal-hospitality. Thus, one of Kazan hotels has special apartments for Honorary participants of Summit. There are no any advertisements, alcohol and pork dishes in mini-bars and menus in such rooms. Prayer mats, items for body washing, signs of Kaaba direction are proposed to guests. Service staff has modest clothing.

Invited experts will discuss penetration of Halal industry into almost all spheres of life — from nutrition to IT at the conference in the framework of KazanSummit 2016. Sheikh Zafir Nagar, President of the World Halal Council, Mohammad Mogar Hosseini, Executive director of Association of American authorities in Halal certification, Kamil Samigullin, Chairman of Muslim Spiritual Board of Tatarstan Republic and OIS countries` ambassadors will express their opinions.
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