Taliya Minullina represented Russia at the G20Y summit

Taliya Minullina represented Russia at the G20Y summit
Small business and family companies will have an increasing impact on economy and creation of jobs in the coming years. The informal economy will become the basis for the protection of labor rights of 1,5 billion vulnerable workers and 200 million unemployed people all over the world. This was the conclusion that the participants of the Creating Jobs Committee came to at G20Y Summit held in the French city of Evian.

The CEO of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency Taliya Minullina was the only delegate from Russia at the Summit. The Head of the Agency took part in the work on recommendations for G20's leaders forming the basis for solution of future problems of humanity.

According to Taliya Minullina, total transformation of educational system is needed in order to meet the requirements of the economy of the future. Technological progress has an adverse effect on human intellectual and physical development, and this is becoming a challenge for healthcare sector. That is why education and healthcare are two spheres associated with digital economy.

Changes in the educational system

During several days of the forum, delegates, including youth leaders from around the world, discussed the prospects for labor market of the future, the role of the state in creating comfortable jobs for the population and changes in the educational system, necessary for the training of highly qualified professionals.

In the assessment of participants of G20Y Summit, in addition to free Internet access, effective resource allocation among people, including capital, technologies and knowledge will be an important condition for society development.

The existing educational models, training programs and teaching methods are no longer suitable for the creation of future jobs - the delegates of G20Y decided. The society should pay more energy to exploration of such skills as the minimum level of mathematical knowledge, language training, service, information literacy and programming, as well as critical thinking and analytical skills.

Delegates suggested that it is essential to provide children from an early age with access to lifelong learning. This will help people to adapt to shifting roles and positions in the labor market in a variety of occupations.

Solving the world's problems

Changes in the educational system should contain official academic training, informal, technical and informational training. This must be done in such spheres as information, finance, professional and business services, production, construction, education and medical services, trade, transport and utilities, as well as leisure and hospitality.

These and other recommendations of G20Y Summit will form the basis of "Great twenty" leaders decisions and will be implemented at the international level.

Presentation of the investment potential of Tatarstan was also held in the fields of the Summit.

Every year, G20Y Association gathers about 100 delegates in senior management positions in transnational and national companies - world market leaders.

The companies which have participated at G20Y Summits over the seven-year history are:  HSBC Holdings, MasterCard, Statoil, Société Generale Group, PepsiCo, ORIX Corporation, FedEx, KPMG, Nestle, ING Group, Eni, Rolls-Royce, Insurance Australia Group, Siemens, Prudential Financial, Total, Intesa Sanpaolo, Airbus, Standard Bank Group, E.ON, Bosch, Bayer AG, EDF, Zurich Insurance Group, PwC, Lufthansa, Enel, Philips, Deutsche Bank AG, Royal DSM, Swiss Re, Unilever, Munich Re, Lafarge, Nordea Bank, Mercedes-Benz AG, GDF Suez, Schneider Electric.

In Evian, the participants were working in seven committees: Energy Markets; Food Security & Nutrition; Global Financial Industry Committee (Banking); Global Financial Industry (Insurance); Global Demographic Developments; Creating Jobs; Digital Innovation and Transformation.

The aim of the G20Y Summit is to prepare a set of recommendations that are relevant not only to the business community but also to society as a whole. Particularly for persons and organizations who define state and world politics and have direct impact on development of the world community.
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