SEZ "Alabuga" is recognized to be the most effective in Russia

SEZ "Alabuga" is recognized to be the most effective in Russia

SEZ "Alabuga" received an award by JSC "Special economic zones" in the nomination "Maximum effect" for leadership in absolute performance indicators. During the meeting of Deputy Directors General of SEZ "Alabuga" Dmitry Golosov and Ilya Pomigalov with the representatives of management companies of Russian special zones, Tatarstan's SEZ "Alabuga" was recognized to be the most effective in Russia.

SEZ "Alabuga" is a leader in absolute performance indicators: export, revenue, jobs. Thus, the ratio of total revenue of the residents of SEZ to budgetary cost of creation of infrastructure is 8,9. 6063 jobs were created in SEZ "Alabuga"

The amount of received tax and customs benefits - 6,3 billion rubles and 11,6 billion rubles.

Another Tatarstan's Special Economic Zone - SEZ "Innopolis" - received an award in the nomination "Social environment" for participation in integrated development of the unique ecosystem for business.

As at October 1, 2017, 56 resident companies are registered and 23 plants are operating in SEZ "Alabuga" 6063 jobs were created. The volume of contracted private investment totaled 160 billion rubles, disbursed investment - 111,1 billion. Meanwhile, the volume of public investment in creation of infrastructure of SEZ "Alabuga" amounted to 25,7 billion dollars. The amount of tax revenues to all budget levels since the operational start of SEZ amounted 20,8 billion rubles as at October 1, 2017.

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