Schneider Electric will create R&D center for adaptation and development of innovative solutions for industry

By the aid of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency, the R&D (Research and Development) center of the world expert in energy management and automation Schneider Electric company will start its work in the high-tech city of Innopolis in 2017. The agreement of intentions was signed today by JSC "Schneider Electric", on March 21.

The center will work mainly in industrial automation. The oil and gas sector have been identified as of priority to start the work of the center. At the same time it is important to note that development is planned both in the field of mining and processing. This includes the orders of petrochemical enterprises of Tatarstan, which have already expressed their interest in this work. Many of them have already been cooperating with Schneider Electric for many years. In the future, the center will be ready to carry out the orders of Russian companies and organizations from other regions of our country. According to development plan of the project, and once finalized, the software will be used by the other industrial enterprises. For example, by companies of machine building cluster, development of which is an important strategic objective in the framework of implementing Tatarstan's Strategy 2030.

Today, the Internet of things is gaining momentum with enormous speed, the need for information security is increasing. As this trend is high priority nowadays it was decided to develop industrial cybersecurity on the basis of new scientific and research center of Schneider Electric in Innopolis.

Another promising direction for the research center in the sphere of solutions for oil and gas industry is development of specialized range of measuring and control devices, in particular devices and systems for measuring recoverable hydrocarbons, including oil with high viscosity and hard to recover.

It is planned that at the first stage, 10 engineers of Schneider Electric will be working in R&D center with the possibility to expand the number of jobs in the future. The investment in the project is provisionally estimated at 1 million Euro over the first 5 years. The R&D center will join the international network of research centers of the company and will proceed the development not only in Russia, but also for foreign countries.

"Our company always attempts to be at the forefront of innovations, that is why on a global scale we annually spend 5% of turnover on R&D. Russia has a great capacity for development of new technologies, and such projects as Innopolis are an excellent demonstration of this potential. The recently established city attracts the best companies, students and specialists, therefore we decided to create new R&D center right in Tatarstan. It is very important that we feel support of the authorities and institutions for development (Tatarstan Investment Development Agency, the Ministry of Informatization and Communication, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and others). It is very important that the local enterprises try to implement modern solutions. The Republic of Tatarstan is rightly considered to be one of the most innovative Russian regions. And we are glad to contribute in the development of modern technologies for Russian industry by working in Innopolis", - the President of Schneider Electric in Russia and CIS Johan Vanderplaetse stated.

"Schneider Electric company is a world brand and international quality standard. The establishing of scientific center in Tatarstan will serve as an example for many other international players. Because investing in science and technology is the most important.

The plan of action is as follows: some three months it will take for business-planning, at the same time the registration of legal entity and getting the residency in Innopolis will be carried out. The Center is expected to be launched in autumn this year. The decision was already agreed by all global entities of the company. Today, Schneider Electric company signed 3 agreements: on establishment of R&D center, on cooperation with the University of Innopolis, on strategic partnership with TAIF group of companies.

Tatarstan is no longer interested in working on one-off projects, we have another level, we need strong business interweaving, oriented on mutually benefitial practice" - the Head of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency Taliya Minullina commented.

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