Roadmap of global development agenda passes through Tatarstan

Once again Tatarstan became an area for events of international significance. The Forum of the most successful young leaders within the framework of Eurasian summit SHAPE EURASIA 2016 took place in Kazan. The event brought together some 100 leaders under the age of 30 from more than 30 countries. The most successful young businessmen, community and political leaders, scientists and artists, in other words «shapers», discussed the problems of urban communities in a digital age, dependence on mobile gadgets, jobs of the future, environmental issues, innovations in extensive data analysis.

So, who are «shapers»? Unfortunately, the word «shaper» can not be translated into Russian. Until recently, shapers were considered to be people living on resorts, building amusement parks, making some areas and slopes for active rest. That was until 2011, when the Global Shapers Community was created by the founder of World Economic Forum, Mr. Klaus Schwab. Now «shapers» are also the global creators of our future, network of city areas, which are made and ruled by extraordinary young men of 20-30, who are extremely successful in different spheres and wish to contribute to the development of the society. According to program coordinator, the total amount of shapers in the world is over 6500, and the world community counts about 450 hubs (states). There are fifteen «shapers» in Kazan’s hub. By the way, it’s not anyone who can become a part of community. The modern pioneer should meet a list of requirements: a number of achievements, connection to workplace and many others.

It is worth mentioning that Tatarstan welcomes «shapers» in for the second time. In 2013, WEF has developed a series of activities «Cities are the new champions» the meetings of the representatives of the Community of global «shapers» with business leaders, including state authorities and public representatives. For meetings World Economic Forum determined 10 advanced cities of interest to world social and business community: New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Santiago, Bangalore, London, Nairobi, Riyadh, Seoul and Kazan. A series of activities started in Los Angeles in October, 2013 and ended in autumn, 2014.

This year, the proposal to hold the Eurasian summit in Kazan came from World Economic Forum. The decision was based on unique experience of the Republic with identifying and supporting young leaders, creating conditions for unlashing the capabilities of youth. The summit suggests the exchange of ideas and groundwork.

Thus, at one event from a row of planned meetings held in Kazan IT-Park, where young businessmen, community leaders, the heads of the companies and Rustam Minnikhanov gathered to talk about informational development in Tatarstan, as one of the most developed regions of Russia. During this session in «Meet the Leader» format with the participation of the Eurasian «shapers», the leader of the republic and the heads of the Ministries and Departments of Tatarstan, including Tatarstan Investment Development Agency, such topics as «Innovations in data», «Jobs of the future» and «The total mobile economy» were presented and discussed.

Also, Tatarstan Investment Development Agency held the meeting within the framework of the visit of the Community of global «shapers». During the meeting, Ms. Taliya Minullina presented modern Tatarstan, it’s economic and investment potential. Mr. Adeyemi Babington-Ashaye, the Head of the Community of global shapers, WEF noticed that he heard and read a lot on how the government and the President of Tatarstan pay attention to innovation and support it.

Among other things, «shapers» took part in friendly football match in CSC «KAI — Olymp», visited Goluboye lake and Innopolis city, watched Kazan City Racing during the celebration of Republic Day of Tatarstan.

«Tatarstan has much to tell and suggest to the colleagues. Top management of the republic was always characterized by the ability to keep up with the times and be future-oriented. That is why Tatarstan is leading on many fronts and hosts world class events, — the head of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency Ms. Taliya Minullina noticed. — We draw our attention to world’s best practices, use and adopt them. Information technologies, for example, entered the working process of authorities. We have possibility to discuss issues and problems by video-link, covering all the districts of the republic, using such systems as «E-government», «Public control», «Public supervisors». We are at the forefront of industrial revolution. Things that seemed to be fiction some time ago, today are usual. Some European cities are already planning to abandon the use of Internal Combustion Engines and replace them with alternative energy sources by 20s. In this respect Tatarstan has a program of public transport, automobiles of small and medium-sized enterprises, municipal equipment conversion to NGV fuel. We need to be more careful to the views of youth and promote their ideas to global public. What seems irrational or absurd today may become key activities of global development tomorrow».

The main output of the Forum of global «shapers» is the roadmap of global development agenda. It will be transmitted for consideration to the members of Davos Forum. Thus Tatarstan makes contribution by giving its ideas on global development.

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