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Today, on March 13, the representatives of IIda Sangyo company headed by the President Masashi Kaneya made an official visit to the Republic of Tatarstan.

The Head of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency Taliya Minullina held a presentation of the investment potential of the Republic of Tatarstan to the guests from Japan and made a presentation of broad opportunities of the region.

IIda Sangyo company is considering the possibility to organize the production of quickly constructed low-rise buildings in the Republic of Tatarstan.

Tatarstan Investment Development Agency is working on search and selection of a convenient location of land plot for a test house construction.

Previously, Iida Sangyo acquired a company in Vladivostok where the raw materials are produced. The company for the assembly of these houses is planned to be located in the Republic of Tatarstan. To that end, Iida Sangyo created the company "Iida Sangyo Rus".

"Intentions of Iida Sangyo are serious. If the project is realized, the companies producing plumbing, electrical system and finishing materials for Iida Sangyo are ready to come to Tatarstan to establish their brunches. And not least, over 300 working places would be created only in the first phase. Now, it is necessary to approve the selection of a chosen land plot to set demonstration house there. After that Iida Sangyo is planning to produce 100 houses in Japan and send to Tatarstan. The office of the company will be located in the demonstration house.

During the year, the adaptation of the Japanese houses to the Russian climatic conditions and market will be will be examined, after that it is necessary to pass certification and to establish assembly production. The "turn key" houses of Japanese company Iida Sangyo are expected to be cheaper than ones of other companies as a result of new technologies and materials, automated production process", - the Head of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency Taliya Minullina shared.

It should be reminded, that the representatives of this company have already visited the Republic of Tatarstan on several occasions. During these visits they were able to witness the favorable geographical position of the region with a 50 percent of the whole country's population living within 1000 kilometers, have found that the conditions for a great demand by the middle class are ripening and confirmed the existence of the system of cooperation between business community and authorities.

For these reasons, it was decided to develop the project in Tatarstan.

For reference:

The main activity of Iida Sangyo company is the construction of private houses. In this activity all the stages such as land plot purchase, engineering, construction of a house, selling, after-sales service are combined in a single process. Aside from its main activities, the company also deals with house construction by order, housing credits, tourism activities.

Iida Sangyo company affiliates within "Iida Group Holding". This holding has incorporated 5 more companies with same activities and "First Wood" company engaged in woodwork, which in turn is a core activity of construction. In general, every year the Holding supplies 40000 houses to the Japanese market, during the past year the turnover of the holding totaled 1trillion 136 billion yen, operating profit from selling of ready built houses amounted 84,9 billion yen and the market share reached 30%. Iida Sangyo holds about 30% of the quick build wooden houses market in Japan, and builds about 100 houses a day.

Referring to international projects of "Iida Group Holding", it can be said that such projects are implemented in Russia as well as in the USA, Indonesia, Philippines and China.

There are 2 projects in Russia. One of them is in the Far East, implemented by the company "First Wood Primorye", a subsidiary of the Holding. At the first stage it is planned to develop woodworking complex, at the second stage the housing units will be constructed. Currently the investments in this project totaled 30,2 million dollars (1,82 billion rubles). In future, another 52,6 million dollars (3,17 billion rubles) are expected to be invested.

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