Halal products are conquering the global marketplace

Today, one in seven of all Russians confesses Islam and each year halal market in Russia grows by 15-20%. Market volume is estimated at several billion rubles by Halal Standards Committee under the Spiritual Board of Muslims. Previously, it was possible to buy halal products (permitted by Shariah) only in specialized stores next to mosques, now almost every supermarket has store shelves with products marked with a green logo.

The popularity of halal products caused not only by the religious aspect, the interest in halal-products is a result of people’s desire for healthy and high-quality food, which they were sure about. Halal products is chosen not only by Muslims, but also by the representatives of other religions.

So, from 15 to 17 December 2016 World Halal Summit & Helal Expo was held in Istanbul, Turkey, in which the representatives of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency took part. The event is attended by foreign guests from dozens of countries: heads large companies at halal international market, certificating and supervisory halal authorities from all over the world, famous scientists, Islamic finance professionals, as well as representatives of the clergy. Moreover, the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will take part in the summit. The aim of the summit is the creation of organization, which will promote awareness of halal production among the customers, and also attracting the leaders of halal market to cooperation.

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Halal is a term for approval and permission of something according to Islamic law. It covers almost every sphere of human activity: food, recreation, finance, hygiene, perfume and cosmetics, clothes, entertainment, work, disposal of their property, human relationships.

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