Export step by step: stimulation and growth

A meeting of the OJSC Tatarstan export corporation’s board of directors was held in the office of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency. Mr. Airat Nazmeev, the Corporation’s director general, gave a report on the company’s results and plans on business and financial performance.

Main results of the company’s activity and perspective growing-points were announced in the course of the report by the director. Thus, despite of existing geopolitical difficulties, the corporation has positive results at the end of financial period. Examples of successful interdepartmental interaction were announced by the management. A topic of the Tatarstan Export Academy’s development was also touched on.

E-commerce was determined as one of the priority areas in the republic’s export development. According to Ms. Taliya Minullina, nowadays e-commerce is one of the most flourishing segment of global e-web, involving a big amount of economic entities of all levels. E-trading platforms’ promotion can have a positive impact on a level of competition in market for the goods, as well as become one of the main development drivers for small and medium-sized businesses, noted the Head of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency.

It is worth recalling that issues of export extension were already raised in the course of the visit of Russian Federation First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov to Kazan on 10 June 2016. Mr. Airat Nazmeev, the director general of the Tatarstan Export Corporation, proposed on diversifying the republic’s sales channels with a usage of remote tools, in the framework of the meeting held by Mr. Igor Shuvalov in Government House on issues of non-resources exports promotion and small and medium-sized businesses development.

The Tatarstan Export Corporation interacts with partners from more than 30 countries, supplying products manufactured in Tatarstan: helicopters, spare car parts, oil-production equipment and many other goods. Product differentiation, exported out of Tatarstan, and partners’ number increasing are planned in the nearest future.

«A strong focus in Tatarstan is placed on the production export’s stimulation, — noted Ms. Taliya Minullina, the Head of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency. «We plan a solid enlargement of share increase in sales to Far Abroad countries. It is referred to non-resources exports, with a very high potential. At year-end 2015, non-resources exports’ total worth was up by 20% in comparison with the raw export. Production of high-degree of processing and high-technology goods and services export growth, including small and medium-sized business participation, should become the main conditions for republic’s economy sustainable growth».

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