Dream relocation or Tatarstan chooses Russia

Nowadays we often face the fact that people of different professions, in the pursuit of better life or working conditions, relocate to conquer the countries of near and far abroad. The question is, how credible can this «forced march» be? Seemingly, in conditions of instability of the Russian economy it would be hard to find a person in any region who would refuse to give up on everything and leave for living and working in other country.

To present the whole picture and trends relating to relocation we should refer to statistics. As they say, one can’t argue with that. So, the largest burst of emigration in Modern Russia was in the leap year 1992 after reformation period. At that time, the country lost 704 thousand people. During that years, the population of Russia was comparable to the current, representing only about 148 million people. Afterwards, the pace was falling during all 90-s. The positive trend was tainted by default in 1998 with the figures of 213,4 thousands. The minimum of population outflow from the country was registered in 2009 when only 33 thousand citizens left Russia. After that, the number of migrants remained at a minimum for 2 years. In 2011, only 37 thousand people left the country, whereupon the negative trend of increase in emigration resumed. This way, in 2012 the numbers reached 123 thousands. And in 2015, according to the Civil Initiatives Committee 353,3 thousand people left Russia which is a sequence higher in comparison with the minimum of 2009. Nevertheless, sociologists mention the fact that there iare almost no immigrants among the citizens of national republics.

The citizens of Tatarstan as one of such republics confirm the opinion of experts and due to analytics of recruiting company Antal Russia we managed to ascertain this fact. In comparison with the citizens of other regions, the residents of Kazan much more rarely are ready to consider leaving the country for an interesting job abroad. According to analysts, only 25 percent of respondents in Kazan are ready for expatriation for the sake of attractive position, while in general, more than half of Russians surveyed are ready to move. 33 percent definitely are absolutely sure in their desire to build a career in Russia. A total of 5,5 thousands of employees of Russian and international companies were interviewed.

Also, in Kazan there are 15 percent more respondents for whom national identity of the potential employer makes no difference. 41 percent of Kazan inhabitants believe that national affiliation of a company is not important. At the same time respondents from Kazan feel more optimistic about the prospects of the Russian economy over the next 12 months. It is 10 percent more than in Russia among those surveyed who give an optimistic and very optimistic assessment to the perspective of the country.

The youngest member of Tatarstan Government Taliya Minullina expressed her opinion about the role and attractiveness of the Republic of Tatarstan:

«We are traveling around the world a lot in search of investors. And every time I become more and more convinced how comfortable for living, working and, of course, investment Kazan is. This is the city of possibilities for everyone, the city with amazing dynamics in development and strong energetic sense. Welcome to Kazan!»

Indeed, Tatarstan is among the leading destinations of foreign direct investment in Russia. Moreover, for the second year in a row, the republic remains the most attractive region in investment climate among the territorial entities of the Russian Federation. Accordingly, there is a lot of new companies and appealing areas of work which is clearly one of the most important factors when choosing this region for building a successful career.

«In general, priority investment areas are set out in the Strategy of Development of the Republic of Tatarstan till 2030, which promotes human capital and its development. Not long ago, Kazan presented its Strategy of Development which we had taken an active part in elaborating. We care for different social investments, for example in education, medicine, new infrastructure which affect the quality of people’s life» — that is how the Head of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency defines the aims of the republic.

All over the world there is the battle to win the best minds, so today a wide range of efforts have been spent to hold talents and create conditions to develop the new ones in Tatarstan and in Kazan in particular. The dynamics is positive. So if you are smart and talented, thinking of relocation, you should know that Tatarstan is the best place for business-ideas and comfortable life.

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