Deputies support proactivity in investment sphere

Today, the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan on economy, investments and entrepreneurship held a round table on "Creating enabling environment for attraction of foreign investment in the economy of the Republic of Tatarstan". The session with the participation of deputies, representatives of the Ministries and Departments, scientific community and business was held by the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee Rafis Burganov. The first one he gave the floor was the First Deputy Chief Executive of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency Insaf Galiev, who gave a report of activities undertaken to attract investment and after answered a lot of questions from the participants of the event.

The main theme of the statement by the representative of the Agency was the strategy chosen by the investor relations front office of Tatarstan. Today, the sectoral investment development strategy of the Republic of Tatarstan has been developed for the 3-years and up to 2030 periods, and it is an up-to-date operating tool, aimed to solve the issues of development of this sphere of economy effectively. The activities are carried out in 6 principal directions: analytics, promotion, attraction, support, creating conditions and cooperation with other participants. The activities on promotion of the investment opportunities of Tatarstan are the most noticeable: this year, representatives of the Agency visited 40 countries, organized participation of the Republic in dozens of the largest international fairs and forums, and a lot of of initial agreements are already bearing fruit by means of return visits of potential investors. During the whole period of statistics record, 780 enterprises with foreign participations are registered in Tatarstan, 119 of them were incorporated in just 9 months of 2016. Positive dynamics is observed in all indicators of investment sphere: in capital investment including budget funds and with their exception, in foreign investment in general and in foreign direct investment in particular. The growth of investment activity by both Tatarstan office of Statistics and Central Bank of the Russian Federation. According to the main financial regulator of our country, Tatarstan moved up from 38th place in 2011 to 13th place in 2015. The Agency ensures that the proportion of foreign investment in gross regional product is rising: it has grown from 0,2% to 2% over the last 5 years.

The positive picture impressed the representatives of Tatarstan State Council and, at the same time, the deputies participating in the meeting emphasized the importance of the maximum close attention to possible bottle necks. Rafis Burganov advised to pay close attention to even minor questions and little details, which can prevent the investors from making the right decision and cause the withdrawal, and called for giving voice to the problem and joint together to solve it, if any problems are found.

The meeting was held on Institute of Management, Economics and Finance of Kazan Federal University, and the Chairman of the Committee drew attention to the fact that it is necessary to use the tools, created for improvement of investment Activity of the republic, which means the use of the new building of the Agency. Indeed, the construction of the show-room, which is a complex of demonstration furnished with high-end technologies is in its final stage. It is aimed to share the achievements and the potential of Tatarstan with every investor in order to make them say: "Wow!" and chose our republic.

"The deputies are active participants of investment activities. Due to our teamwork, the law on public-private partnership in the Republic of Tatarstan was adopted this spring. And the proactivity of our lawmakers fills us with optimism, so we are not afraid to discuss emerging issues. We are facing a lot of issues related to modern trends of economics and realization of projects: customs, visa, construction municipal ones, and we are sure: our State Council will always support us", - the Head of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency Taliya Minullina believes.

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