Course is set for long-term cooperation between Tatarstan and Sichuan province.

Tatarstan Investment Development Agency Chief Executive Taliya Minullina participated at the meeting between Tatarstan Prime minister Ildar Khalikov and China’s Communist Party’s Sichuan Province branch secretary Wang Donming.

«Your visit and attention to Tatarstan inspire much optimism and speak about opportunities of implementation of serious projects» — said Ildar Khalikov, addressing to Mr. Wang Donming.

Visit of business representatives and government officials as a part of distinguished delegation from Sichuan Province occasioned with opening of business forum «Tatarstan — Sichuan». Signing of bilateral documents on cooperation and addressing meetings of Tatarstan and China representatives took place in the framework of the event.

«Goal of the visit of our delegation is in implementation of joint projects, sharing experiences and attraction of Sichuan province and Tatarstan to practical cooperation. Before it is necessary to strengthen economic and trade relations between us, it is traditional and has great virtues,» — declared Wang Donming, Communist Party’s Sichuan Province branch secretary, during the opening of business forum «Tatarstan — Sichuan».

According to him, Sichuan Province and Tatarstan have rich resources; actively develop their economies and industry. «I think that we should intensify economy and trade between our sides in every possible way» — he noted.

Tatarstan Investment Development Agency Chief Executive Taliya Minullina told about Tatarstan investment attractiveness during the forum. «We are not just greeting you in Tatarstan but also proposing you the most comfortable conditions for doing business in Russia» — addressed to Chinese delegation representatives youngest member of government.

Signing of bilateral documents on cooperation between higher educational institutes, ministries and different companies of Tatarstan and Sichuan province in order to develop trade-economic relations and focus on investment and interaction in science, culture and tourism fields was at the end of the forum.

«Zhongqi Sheng» company from Sichuan will build new milk households and soy and corn cultivation farms with total area of 10 000 hectares. Volume of investment in creation of agricultural complex is valued at $400 mln. It is a worthy start! We are also discussing other projects, difficult infrastructural projects are among them" — shared her thoughts Taliya Minullina at the end of the forum.
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