Economic theses of the XXVIII session of the Kazan City Duma

Economic theses of the XXVIII session of the Kazan City Duma
XXVIII session of the Kazan City Duma

Today, the head of the Investment Development Agency of the Republic of Tatarstan Talia Minullina took part in a meeting of the Kazan City Duma.

“But the Games of the Future is just the beginning,” Rustam Minnikhanov clarified and recalled that 2024 is a busy year for Kazan. In May, the city will host the international economic forum "Russia - Islamic World: KazanForum", which has received the status of a federal event. Immediately after this forum, Kazan will host sports games of the BRICS countries - where more than 60 countries plan to take part. In October, a summit of the heads of state of the BRICS members will be held in Kazan. “These events impose serious responsibility on the republic,” said Rustam Minnikhanov. – And Kazan will be the center where all this will happen. On the one hand, this is a high level of trust, but also a huge responsibility.”
Also at the XXVIII session of the Kazakh City Duma, which was held in the administration of the Sovetsky district, the Rais of the Republic presented state and republican awards to city residents who had made a significant contribution to the development of the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Economic theses of the XXVIII session of the Kazan City Duma

Positive expectations of society are reflected in the growth of investments.
At the end of the year, their figure is approaching 335 billion rubles, which is 46.5 billion more than in the past.
The money invested in the economy is the result of faith in the successful sustainable development of the city.

The industrial production index amounted to 102.1%.
The growth rate of shipped goods of own production amounted to 109% in the amount of 701.5 billion rubles.

The volume of gross territorial product at the end of the year is expected to exceed one trillion three hundred billion rubles.

Enterprises that were able to reorient themselves to suppliers of raw materials and equipment from domestic industry and friendly countries showed high productivity in the field of:
- finished metal products,
- computers, electronics and optics,
- electrical equipment,
- textiles and food products.

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