Artificial intelligence is the future of investment

Artificial intelligence is the future of investment
“In 2023, the Republic of Tatarstan retained its leading position in the investment climate in Russia. We see a multiple increase in investment in intellectual property, and from the point of view of the development of technological sovereignty, these are very good indicators. For the first time this year in Tatarstan, the volume of investments in fixed capital will exceed 1 trillion rubles. We can confidently state that it was the difficult external situation that pushed business to develop in the domestic market,” Talia Minullina, head of the Investment Development Agency of the Republic of Tatarstan, shared the results of the outgoing year at the final meeting of the Investors Club of Tatarstan in 2023.

The main topic of the Investors Club was artificial intelligence, and one of the presenters of the event was “the smartest woman in Russia” - the Yandex virtual assistant “Alice”, who coped with her task flawlessly. Also during the evening, experts from leading companies and enterprises spoke about how artificial intelligence is being implemented in industries. Igor Pivovarov, Huawei’s strategic advisor on artificial intelligence, chief analyst at the Artificial Intelligence Center at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, and director of Russia’s leading artificial intelligence conference OpenTalks.Al, spoke in more detail about all the advantages of artificial intelligence, machine learning and the use of robots in production. Guests of the evening were presented with a humanoid robot playing football, which was created by the MIPT team. The robot's skills were demonstrated right on stage - the robot scans surfaces and finds a ball, which is subsequently hit. The guests of the Investors Club were impressed and gave the miracle of technology applause.

The company ITSphere LLC, which is a resident of the Innopolis SEZ, shared its experience in using artificial intelligence. “We IT specialists can be located anywhere. Yesterday we were at the beach, today we put on a tuxedo. But in Tatarstan it is really possible to promote projects at the federal and international level. My wish for next year is to not be afraid of artificial intelligence. It will not replace people, but it can become an effective assistant to an enterprise,” said Andrei Finokhin, director of the young company. The company has developed the ExactFarming platform, which is designed to help farmers. The system collects data from various sources: field sensors, weather stations, satellites, UAVs. This increases the efficiency of monitoring agricultural land and crops.

The founder of the Azerbaijani Asera Group, Ali Elvin, expressed his readiness to implement agro-industrial projects in Tatarstan. “We see many positive aspects for our business in Tatarstan. We want to implement two investment projects here in the Kukmorsky district. The first project is 30 hectares of modern greenhouses costing from $75 million, the second is a meat processing plant with an investment volume of $80 million. The meat processing plant will be waste-free, all parts of cattle will be processed. Tatarstan is very close to us, we want to open businesses here. We see prospects for the development of innovation,” shared the speaker of the meeting.

There were also Chinese colleagues at the event. General Director of the Russian-Chinese Kamastal plant Zhai Yugui said that the enterprise in Nizhnekamsk became the first resident of the Nizhnekamsk TASED; the company is engaged in painting coiled steel. “We came from Primorye, studied many sites, but chose Tatarstan. There are very good conditions here. This year we will receive 3.5 billion rubles in revenue and paint 40 thousand tons of rolls. This is a very good result,” confirmed Zhai Yugui. Consuls general of Tatarstan’s traditional business partner countries were also guests of the event. Rais of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov noted: “Investors, they are like migratory birds, if they are not warm and comfortable, they will not work. And it is right. We must always feel this moment, thanks to which we can create comfortable conditions.” Minnikhanov thanked investors for developing their business in Tatarstan. He emphasized that all conditions have been created for this in the region - modern infrastructure in the form of special economic zones, technology parks and industrial sites, preferential taxation, qualified personnel. The end of the official part of the evening was the awarding of investors, municipalities and media representatives of Tatarstan.

The winners in the category “Best municipal formation of the Republic of Tatarstan for investment activities” are:

“The best municipality of the Republic of Tatarstan for investment activities” among municipalities with federal tax incentives” – Yelabuga district.

“The best municipality of the Republic of Tatarstan for investment activities” among municipalities is Almetyevsky district.

“The best Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Tatarstan for investment activities” among urban entities - Kazan.

For personal contribution to the development of investment activities of the Republic of Tatarstan - Head of the Zelenodolsk municipal district, Mikhail Afanasyev, Mayor of the city of Zelenodolsk.

In the nomination “Investor of the Year in the Republic of Tatarstan”:

“Socially responsible investor” - General Director of Fizra LLC Gazizov Ilshat (Conclusion of a concession agreement regarding the creation and operation of sports infrastructure facilities “Physical and recreational complex “Fizra Sports Center” in the city of Zelenodolsk of the Republic of Tatarstan; in the city of Kazan of the Republic of Tatarstan).

“Reinvestor of the Year” - General Director of Kravt Yar Park LLC Kravtsun Valery Anatolyevich (Construction of a multifunctional complex with a congress center on the territory of the Kazanka River embankment on Sibgat Khakim Street in Kazan)

"Investor of the Year":

General Director of JSC "SEZ PPT "Alabuga" Shagivaleev Timur Nailevich (Project to create the Industrial Park "Ethylene 600").

The award for strengthening business relations with the countries of the Islamic world was awarded to:

General Director of JSC "Ammonia" Makarov Dmitry Yurievich.

“I would like to wish all investors not only to work and invest well, but also to spend a lot of time with their family, as much as they can afford. Because time is a very valuable resource and probably the most important investment,” said Talia Minullina.

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