New technologies for the benefit of public health

New technologies for the benefit of public health
Each of us has passed medical examination, but probably not everyone thought about the technologies helping to reach the results of the survey in a short time with the maximal accuracy.

Tatarstan Investment Development Agency, taking care of the health of Tatarstan population and improving the level of medical services, works in close cooperation with world famous company SonoScape.

SonoScape has reached recognition as a global manufacturer of medical equipment, based on the experience of development and production of ultrasound scanners at the Chinese state enterprise.

Established in 2002, SonoScape Medical Corp. has offices in 60 countries, over 190 distributors all over the world. The availability of six research centers enables company to produce advanced equipment and be among the leaders of electronic medical equipment in Asia for several years. It is approved by numerous awards in the sphere of high-tech business. In addition, the company takes 6th place in China and 10th in the world in terms of ultrasound machines production.

In addition to the ultrasound scanners SonoScape with worldwide sales for 2016 at 105 million USD, the company also produces flexible video endoscope systems, electrocardiograph and hematology analyzers allowing to undertake studies of blood cells automatically and process dozens of analyses per hour.

In 2016 the company's total turnover reached 116 million USD with more then 58% of foreign sales. Export to Russia amounted to 10,5 million USD for 2016.

In addition to Shenzhen (PRC), R&D centers SonoScape are operating in California (USA), Seattle (USA), Shanghai (PRC), Harbin (PRC), Wuhan (PRC) for many years. The total amount of specialists involved in design of SonoScape equipment is more than 400 people. Every year the company increases investments in the development of R&D base, producing annually over 20 product patents and more than 5 new products of the company.
For seven years, SonoScape works actively in the Republic of Tatarstan through its distributor and companion "Aptechniy Dvor" LLC. Company's ultrasound machines are popular and used in many health institutions of the republic.

Today, company's service center operates in the Republic of Tatarstan, recently the management of SonoScape made a decision to open a manufacturing facility in Tatarstan. Broad range of assistance by Tatarstan Investment Development Agency facilitated this decision.
"The machines to be produced will allow to perform detailed examination of internals condition, monitor pathological processes and efficacy of the treatment performed", - the CEO of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency Taliya Minullina noted.
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