Logistics projects are leading the way

Logistics projects are leading the way
This year's first Investment Council under the leadership of Rustam Minnikhanov revealed a new trend in the investment industry. The total amount of investments in the proposed 8 projects amounted to about 88.5 billion rubles. It should be noted that 15 projects worth 15 billion rubles were submitted to the previous Investment Council at the end of last year.

Such serious investments are associated with the scale of the planned projects. These are primarily warehouse complexes in various parts of the republic. The largest project presented at the Investment Council is the logistics hub of JSC "SEZ PPT "Alabuga" on the territory of the Tukayevsky municipal district. The complex will include a container railway terminal with a capacity of 100 thousand containers per year and storage areas with an area of 100 thousand square meters. meters. The purpose of this project is to debug the process of exporting polymers to the Asia–Pacific region. The volume of investments is 78 billion rubles. It is planned to create at least 570 new jobs.

A major republican manufacturer, Nefis Cosmetics JSC, presented a project for the construction of a production and warehouse complex on the territory of the Zelenodolsk municipal district. (The volume of investments is 7.5 billion rubles).

To date, the lack of storage and shipment capacities for finished products and raw materials limits the company's growth potential. The existing warehouse facilities of Nefis Cosmetics JSC are fully filled, which does not allow us to fully use the capabilities of production equipment and, accordingly, increase the production of household chemicals.

The implementation of the project will increase the utilization of existing capacities for the production of finished products.

"Together we considered different areas, and we did not come to the Zelenodolsk district immediately either, but then we decided that today this is the most optimal location," Taliya Minullina said during the Investment Council.

Logistics is not only an investment trend, but also the basis for the successful operation of marketplaces, and Kazan has become a major center for them. In order to maximize the optimization of material and human resources, the head of KazanExpress Linar Khusnullin proposed a project for the construction of an "e-commerce City" in the Verkhneuslonsky district closest to the capital of Tatarstan.

The volume of investments is 352 million rubles.

Khusnullin noted: "The advantage is that the district industrial park has a preferential tax regime. The second advantage is savings on logistics due to the fact that the warehouses of all major marketplaces are located several kilometers away, such manufacturers and sellers will save on logistics. Third, it is planned to provide residential infrastructure to this industrial park: housing, parks, squares, schools and kindergartens."

Not only manufacturers of mass-demand goods are interested in good logistics now. The company "Cohen Kazan", which entered the republican market of reinforced concrete products last summer, came up with a project for the construction of logistics hubs on the departure routes of Kazan. Land plots for construction were offered by Zelenodolsk and Pestrechinsky municipal districts at the request of the Investment Development Agency of the Republic of Tatarstan, which accompanies the project. The company's products can reduce the cost of implementing major republican programs for the improvement of public spaces, reducing transportation costs. The planned investment volume is 560 million rubles.

The Investment Council also approved three projects for the construction and modernization of production complexes. This is "Iriston Kama" - the project is supposed to be implemented on the territory of the Mendeleevsk 2.0 Industrial Park.  The plant will produce road and bridge barrier fences, other metal structures. The volume of investments is 287 million rubles.

Kazan "Himgrad" may soon be involved in a project for the social sphere. It is planned to invest 100 million rubles in the modernization of production facilities for the provision of soft inventory rental services proposed by the Master Cleaning company. The company provides 84 hospitals and 50 kindergartens with clean bedding every day, provides overalls for 10,000 medical workers, provides disinfection of reusable personal protective equipment, and this is a significant budget savings compared to the use of disposable protective equipment.

The manufacturer of universal heavy-duty all-terrain vehicles "Burlak" expands production and comes up with a project

sites for the production of transmission for all-terrain vehicles of the Company needed a room with an area of 20 thousand square meters. meters. AIR offered it to the SEZ "Alabuga". There is everything you need for an investor: networks are connected, the Alabuga Polytech educational center is functioning for the necessary training of new employees, there are all technical possibilities for placing equipment, large automakers are concentrated. The volume of investments in the project is 1.2 billion rubles.

The project "Development of the Buinsk Industrial Park" also received support. The volume of investments is 352 million rubles. Within the framework of the project, it is planned to expand the production facilities of residents who are engaged in incubation of fry and trout cultivation up to 1 kg. According to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Tatarstan, every year the population of the Republic consumes over 40 thousand tons of fish products, of which only 10% is produced in Tatarstan. Given the specifics of logistics and storage conditions, the investor sees the sales market in the republic and neighboring regions.

All proposed investment projects under the "one window" system are accompanied by the Investment Development Agency of the Republic of Tatarstan, helping at all stages - from the business plan to marketing policy. Head of the Department Taliya Minullina, Secretary of the Investment Council: "We have reviewed eight projects totaling 88.5 billion rubles. These are very large projects, big ones. And in the current economic situation, the investment agenda is, of course, especially critical and complex. We are considering investment projects with private capital investments, these are investments in fixed assets from extra-budgetary sources. Now a private investor, risking his capital, must be sure that the rules of the game will not change."

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