Business experts answered for everything

Business experts answered for everything

The Head of the Tatarstan Investment Development Agency Taliya Minullina and the mayor of Nizhnekamsk Aidar Metshin asked investors of the Kama agglomeration the urgent questions: WHAT is needed to increase the productivity of companies, WHERE the Tatarstan products is better to distribute, and WHEN the new projects are expected to be opened.

The Tatarstan Investment Development Agency regularly takes efforts to prepare interesting formats of events that contribute to the interaction of business and government, setting up of the feedback with investors, participation of companies in shaping the investment climate of Tatarstan, integration and partnership of companies, and creating comfortable environment for doing business. So, in Nizhnekamsk, a meeting of members of the Investors Club of the Republic of Tatarstan was held in the format of intellectual game.

“This is the story that happened over the past two years, when we began to use different formats in working with our business community. Since, fairly, we have not so much that experience, we turned to the Tatarstan Investment Development Agency. All this contributes to closer interaction and the result in which we are interested,” the mayor emphasized.

For the intellectual game, the real expert in the field, the only female master of the What? Where? When? TV elite club, the two-time owner of the Crystal Owl, Mrs. Elizaveta Ovdeenko, has been invited. The co-presenter was the Russian television journalist Maxim Sharafutdinov. This format of investor relations was tested in June this year in Kazan and unanimously approved by the members of the Investors Club.

“This is my second visit to your region, and I am very pleased to be here, in Nizhnekamsk, today. There are smart people and intelligent players here,” said Elizaveta Ovdeenko.

More than 100 entrepreneurial investors from the Kama zone: Mendeleevsk, Yelabuga, Naberezhnye Chelny, Nizhnekamsk and others took part in the event. Among those who attend the event were the General Director of PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim Azat Bikmurzin, the founder of LLC Tatlesstroy (production of wooden containers) Sergey Donguzov; the General Manager of LLC Kastamonu Integrated Wood Industry (production of MDF and panels with melamine coating) Ali Kilic; the General Director of LLC KAMMONTAZH (testing and analysis of physical and mechanical properties of materials and substances; roofing), LLC AKVA-REGION (construction, major repair of public and industrial buildings) Yevgeny Wainer; the Director of LLC Center for Metal Structures, LLC Eurobeton (production of building metal structures, products and their parts) Bulat Motigullin; the Development Director of LLC Syntex-2 (production of furniture for offices and trade enterprises) Maxim Speransky and others.

Business experts have been divided into 8 teams named after the world currencies. They played 7 rounds within which they had to give the right answers to 52 questions from various fields of science, art, sports, politics, cinema and, of course, economics.

Guests and organizers had a lot of fun. Taliya Minullina noted that such meetings should be held on a regular basis.

“There are not so many sites in Tatarstan where we could agree upon new investment projects or initiatives, this is what the Investors Club is intended to. It is very important for us that such events are to take place on an ongoing basis,” said the Head of the TIDA.

“Of course, this format is effective. I believe that any event that is held together with investors, especially from different areas, is interesting. There are both our current partners and potential partners in the hall: we had become acquainted with someone.

We did a big job with the Tatarstan Investment Development Agency thanks to which we became a resident of the Priority Social and Economic Development Area. In the future, for me personally, the Agency may also be useful: there is an idea to enter the territory favorable for doing business with another enterprise.

I like the event. The questions on the game are not so much complicated, as you just have to think differently sometimes,” said Bulat Motigullin.

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