An investment agreement on cryogenic gas station has been concluded

An investment agreement on cryogenic gas station has been concluded
In the Republic of Tatarstan, a five-year liquefied natural gas (LNG) market development program has been in effect since 2021. It involves the transfer of up to 5 thousand units of transport to LNG and the creation of a network of 17 cryogenic gas stations.

LLC "GSPGT Kazan" will invest in the project of one of these gas stations. With the help of the RT Investment Development Agency, the cryogenic gas station project The NovayaTura was able to get to the land for rent without bidding in record time. Resolution No. 554 helps in this, according to which the investor goes through clear, transparent, proven procedures and begins the investment phase directly with the conclusion of an investment agreement with the Agency.

At the moment, a business plan and a financial model have been developed for the project, and an investment agreement has also been signed. Operational activity will begin already in the IV quarter of 2023.

10 jobs will be created, and the volume of sales will be 28.5 thousand tons per year when reaching the design capacity. The area of the required production site is 11.2 thousand square meters. meters. The total investment volume is 236.399 million rubles.
The amount of tax revenues to the consolidated budget of the Republic of Tatarstan for 10 years of the project implementation is 118,223 million rubles.

During this year, two plants for the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) with a capacity of 12 thousand tons per year each, as well as several cryogenic gas stations were built in the Republic.

"One of the important directions of development is the use of liquefied natural gas, which has its own specifics. At a minimum, this is the absence of pressurized cylinders, since this is a cooled gas. Also, its use will contribute to reducing the industrial impact on the environment. This is a promising direction for using it for long distances, which will be appreciated by logistics companies, since it is 50% more profitable. Only this requires a different type of filling stations – cryogenic gas station. Now LNG is gaining momentum in the republic, and the President of the republic Rustam Minnikhanov has instructed us to strengthen the direction of this work. Accordingly, these projects were also submitted," Taliya Minullina said.

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