"TIDA Business Cup" business program started

"TIDA Business Cup" business program started

On June 26, business part of the World Championship among fans-businessmen "TIDA Business Cup" was held in Tatarstan Investment Development Agency. Representatives of Russian-German Chamber of Commerce and German business took part in "Invest Tatarstan" round table discussion, which provided information on opportunities for working in Tatarstan, benefits and preferences for investors.

In the show room, the Head of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency Taliya Minullina presented investment potential of Tatarstan to the guests, told about the priority development sectors of the economy. She noted that Tatarstan and Germany have long-term partnership relations.

"Tatarstan and Germany share warm relations. It is significant that it is the delegation of Germany that came to us - first, Germany national team is an acting Champion of the World Cup, secondly, the country in the top 5 most active investors of the republic", - Taliya Minullina said.

The representative of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK) in Russia Christine Frank stated that the interest from the German companies to the cooperation with Tatarstan is growing from year to year.

"The Chamber is not for the first time in Tatarstan, many German companies have already been working in the republic, despite the political difficulties in the international arena. There is no decline in the interest in the richest economic, intellectual resources of your region. I can confidently say about it while we combine more than 80 companies. And the World Cup, held in Russia this year, is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the country not only for tourists, but also for foreign investors", - Christine Frank pointed out.

Project manager of «TIDA Business Cup-2018» Victor Mironov also indicated that Tatarstan became the only region of Russia which responded to the invitation of National team supporters club "Russia Unites" to organize such an event at the intersection of business and sport.

It should be reminded, «TIDA Business Cup 2018» is a communication project unified by the goals of business development and establishment of partnership in friendly atmosphere of the sports event. It will be held in Kazan and Innopolis on July 4-6. «TIDA Business Cup 2018» includes a football tournament among businessmen and a business-forum.

The main aim is to provide German investors with all the necessary information on the work in the republic, to establish mutually benefitial cooperation between Tatarstan and Germany, Viktor Mironov marked.

In the frames of the business forum, one of the representatives of foreign investors successfully working in Tatarstan - the Director of Service Center of PwC company in Kazan Osip Voichek told how since the first days the international company was supported in the republic, and how profitable it is for investors to choose Tatarstan.

"Why we came to Tatarstan ten years ago? We were attracted by the quality. Or rather, the quality of specialists. There are lots of universities and educational centers in Tatarstan, and the quality of alumni is perfect. We initially contacted Kazan Federal University to cooperate in personnel training. The University allowed us to influence the curriculum, so that we could prepare our future staff right at the University.

Also investors are all-roundly supported by the Government.

In addition, I personally like that the economy is diversified in Tatarstan, and the authorities are thinking about the future. Everyone knows, the republic is rich in oil and gas, and with this they could do nothing but receive money from this industry. But the Government of Tatarstan realized in time, this is a road to nowhere. The decision to develop other industries was made. An example of how Tatarstan is looking ahead is Innopolis. The republic develops new technologies, new economy," - Osip Voichek emphasized.

The guests of the business forum will also visit SEZ "Alabuga", the territory of Kama Industrial Park "Master".


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