The meeting of the Supervisory Board of SEZ "Alabuga" was held

Today, the Supervisory Board of SEZ "Alabuga" was held in Tatarstan. The Head of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency and the Member of Supervisory Board Taliya Minullina took part in the event and voted in favor of four projects. "The lion's share of Tatarstan investors chose "Alabuga" as a result of its stable operation, transparent rules and developed infrastructure, including customs post, which is essential. American investor will produce refractories, and three Russian investors will launch the productions of insulated pipelines, three-piece syringes and modified cement. The investors are focused not only on Tatarstan, but on the whole Russia. The total investment in these projects is 1 billion 28 million rubles. The launch is expected in 2017. "We are working on investors to reinvest their income in Tatarstan", - Taliya Minullina shared.
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