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  • Construction of fodder plant

    Construction of fodder plant

    Sector: Agriculture
    Status: Scheduled

    Project goals and opportunities:

    • The creation of additional jobs.
    • Cultivation and breeding of environmentally friendly additives (“Amaranth”) with the use of innovative technologies and breeding in the future release of feed for cattle.

    Total Project Budget: 70 million rubles.

    Location: Zelenodolsky area Nurlatsky rural settlement
    Area: 70,000 m²

    Payback period: 5-6 years

    Organization: LLC “Electrol-B”

    Term of realization of the proposed activities — 2015-2016.

  • Building of "eco-village"

    Building of "eco-village"

    Sector: Tourism
    Status: Scheduled

    Jobs: 15

    Total Project Budget: 40 million rubles
    The required amount of co-financing of 32 million rubles

    Location: Southeast of the Republic of Tatarstan, Zainsky municipal district
    Area: 0.5 ha
    The demand for energy: electricity

    Expected production volume: 20 million rubles
    Payback period: 8 years
    Profitability of the project: 25%

    Organization: Individual entrepreneur Minnehanov Mars Davlethanovich.
  • Production and processing of potatoes

    Production and processing of potatoes

    Sector: Agriculture
    Status: Under Implementation

    This project provides for the organization of complex business scope covers the cultivation of seed potatoes, storage and processing of potatoes, followed by the sale of various kinds of products to organizations of trade and catering. The project involves the use of best practices of Dutch experts on the cultivation, storage and processing of potatoes, the use of modern European equipment.

    Jobs: 30

    Total budget: 1,500,000,000 rubles.
    The required amount of co-financing: 1,300,000,000.

    Location: Kukmor village
    Area: 1 ha
    The demand for energy: electricity is 200 kW / h, water 50 cubic meters / hour

    Estimated production: 1.32 billion rubles. / Year
    Payback period: 5 years

    Organization: “Bozkurt” LLC
  • Construction of High-Technology Dairy Farm - Milk Production

    Construction of High-Technology Dairy Farm - Milk Production

    Sector: Agriculture
    Status: Scheduled

    Location: Mendeleevsky district

    This project requires construction of high-technology dairy farm - milk production with capacity of 2,400 animals

    Investment amount: 2,498 million rubles
    Production capacity: 50 tons of raw milk per day
    Area: 25 ha

  • Construction of Dairy Farm

    Construction of Dairy Farm

    Sector: Agriculture
    Status: Scheduled

    Location: Arsky district

    Development of Cattle Farm for 600 Animals of Milking Herd with Application of Up-to-date Advanced Methods of Effective Animal Breeding. The desired breed is black pied.

    Investment amount: 137 million rubles

    Area: 2,679 ha

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